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Synonyms for inapplicable

Synonyms for inapplicable

not relevant or pertinent to the subject; not applicable

Synonyms for inapplicable

not capable of being applied


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The cognomen of Crane was not inapplicable to his person.
The minister in whom Rabourdin sought to confide was in the habit of listening to men of undoubted superiority as they explained ingenious theories of government, applicable or inapplicable to the affairs of France.
He spoke of the danger of pity, in some cases a commendable and Christian virtue, but inapplicable to this pernicious sect.
RD on import of 731 listed items: LHC makes SRO inapplicable | (BR)::Lahore High Court (LHC) has made SRO No.
Branch standards or instructions for inspections given by the Contracting Authority shall be complied with, in the event a FG standard is inapplicable.
Participants said some of the key reasons why Macedonia's judiciary is not independent were the unintelligible laws passed in a rush, often in conflict with each other and inapplicable, the political bias in appointing and promoting judges by the Judicial Council, this Council's self promotion into the fourth judicial institution, above the Supreme Court, the introduction of an investigative body against judges that does not account to anyone in the country, and the government control of courts through the money paid in installments.
Domestic experts say this European experience is inapplicable in Macedonia.
Ljubomir Frckoski in Sloboden Pecat reminds that the decision of the Criminal Court - to proclaim the evidence from the illegal eavesdropping in several key cases and from key actors as inapplicable because it was allegedly illegally collected - means that with this move Government breached the key issues from the Agreement from Przino - with only one strike, turning all into dust.
According to the governor, the draft Tax Code is inapplicable both in economic and financial terms.
Gregan and Cuthbert examine the dominant discourses around children and childhood that stem from the Global North, then offer case studies of examples where universalizing views have been shown to be flawed or inapplicable.
Security Council Resolution # 1701 to cover the eastern frontier is deemed inapplicable and politically inadmissible, Hizbullah deputy of the House Ali Fayyad, stated during the funeral of a slain party member in Dibbeen South Lebanon today.
The managers are simply reluctant to sort out the mess they have created simply because the money is in their pocket and the law is inapplicable.
Concernant les echeances de la feuille de route, il a appele a leur revision, expliquant que l'echeancier fixe est inapplicable.
The Work Product Doctrine Is Inapplicable to Documents Created Before an Insurer Makes a "Firm Decision" to Deny Coverage
In Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics, Smith continues this record with a section (14) in which she attributes to Rand the idea that morality becomes inapplicable in emergency situations.