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Synonyms for inapplicable

Synonyms for inapplicable

not relevant or pertinent to the subject; not applicable

Synonyms for inapplicable

not capable of being applied


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All the habits and rules of his life that had seemed so firm, had turned out suddenly false and inapplicable.
This advice, although good, was totally inapplicable to my case; I should have been the first to hide my grief and console my friends if remorse had not mingled its bitterness, and terror its alarm, with my other sensations.
This is not inapplicable to my uncle and his fencing.
The "negative list" those economic zones inconsistent with or inapplicable to the policy of national treatment is shortened to 120 zones from 132 zones.
Participants said some of the key reasons why Macedonia's judiciary is not independent were the unintelligible laws passed in a rush, often in conflict with each other and inapplicable, the political bias in appointing and promoting judges by the Judicial Council, this Council's self promotion into the fourth judicial institution, above the Supreme Court, the introduction of an investigative body against judges that does not account to anyone in the country, and the government control of courts through the money paid in installments.
Domestic experts say this European experience is inapplicable in Macedonia.
Ljubomir Frckoski in Sloboden Pecat reminds that the decision of the Criminal Court - to proclaim the evidence from the illegal eavesdropping in several key cases and from key actors as inapplicable because it was allegedly illegally collected - means that with this move Government breached the key issues from the Agreement from Przino - with only one strike, turning all into dust.
According to the governor, the draft Tax Code is inapplicable both in economic and financial terms.
Security Council Resolution # 1701 to cover the eastern frontier is deemed inapplicable and politically inadmissible, Hizbullah deputy of the House Ali Fayyad, stated during the funeral of a slain party member in Dibbeen South Lebanon today.
The managers are simply reluctant to sort out the mess they have created simply because the money is in their pocket and the law is inapplicable.
The Work Product Doctrine Is Inapplicable to Documents Created Before an Insurer Makes a "Firm Decision" to Deny Coverage
Asked about a suggestion to reduce working time in order to save electricity, the minister said the government had already pondered over the proposal, but found it inapplicable.
Article--7 of the Iraqi constitution is practically inapplicable, and the Accountability and Justice Committee within its current structure is legally unqualified to debaathificate," al-Hashemi said in a meeting with the U.
But Cambodia believes the charges against Thaksin, and his sentence, were politically motivated, making the 1998 extradition treaty between the two countries inapplicable.
The Supreme Court's 2003 decisions in the University of Michigan case, allowing such discrimination in the name of "diversity," are inapplicable here, since student admissions involve a different statute.