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vacuously or complacently and unconsciously foolish


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Although refraining from his familiar pratfalls, he happily pulled faces and grinned inanely for photographers.
SOME classic Cliff poses here - having a shave, taking a dip in the pool, chilling out in a blindingly-bright white suit and grinning inanely at a Christmas tree.
The secret is to hone in on key words and to grin inanely.
In the semi-final against Ipswich, Blues fans had to endure Andy Townsend pontificating in the first leg, followed by wise old sage John Gregory warbling on inanely in the return at St Andrew's.
FIRST we endured a series of I Love 1970s shows with the likes of Jimmy Savile and Tony Blackburn chattering inanely about the glam rock era.
Labour's disdainful attitude towards the NHS has been to boast of the amount of extra money it has spent and then smile inanely if anything goes wrong, what Dr Bogle described yesterday as "spin and grin.
A nervous-looking Prince Harry there," he rambled inanely.
The developers very helpfully keep showing us plans, of where our garden will be, which way our front door will face, how we'll approach the garage, and all we can do is smile inanely, and nod like well-meaning tourists who haven't a single word of the language.
She also carried out a bizarre tribute to those who died at the Danish Roskilde Festival in which she wailed inanely as the crowd was struck silent.
It had to be a happy service because she loved happiness," inanely gabbled a clergyman from Sophie's hometown of Brenchley.
Scenes of the tour's descent from desperation into total collapse are interspersed with interviews in which the band members prattle on inanely about Spinal Tap.
Michael Strassen, was her victim, Joe Soap, who spent much of his time gazing inanely at the outrageous antics of his lusty co-star.
Trashing a long-distance flight, chinning a photographer, even mouthing inanely obscene remarks about the death of Princess Diana - such outbursts of behaviour might have been excused as the excesses which must be expected from pop stars, were it not fora flaw in the band's tactics.
I'm just a likeable person who can get on with anyone on any level," Tulip chirped inanely.
Please follow these instructions very carefully: Commence humming the theme tune to the Hovis advert and repeat inanely until told to stop by either a loved one or (if your reading this on a bus) a complete stranger.