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a woman with whom you are in love or have an intimate relationship

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And lo, standing in a spotlight, clutching a microphone, and belting out some Jefferson Airplane, is another one of Saranova's former inamoratas.
The record shows in Wells' case that neither of his two wives nor any of his other inamoratas showed any enthusiasm for this arrangement; the best response he could elicit from them was a grudging silence.
Part five documents the important names and events marking the historic rise of the early inamoratas as they become central players in the commedia dell'arte.
Joseph seems to be aiming for a more absurdist brand of comedy when Ty gets the bright idea of airing his paternity issues at a dinner party attended by all three of his inamoratas, along with Franny and Seth.
As Tully cycles through his potential inamoratas, the town prepares simultaneously for the staged reenactment of the Battle of Gomez Gap (a Confederate defeat, according to the novel's history).
De l'amour" underlines the central role love, including its absent object, in the case of his dead mother, and its unattainable objects, in the case of many of his inamoratas, plays in the imaginary of Henry Brulard; present instead is the figure of Seraphie: "On ne dira jamais assez ce qu'Henry doit a Seraphie.