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Synonyms for inalterable

incapable of changing or being modified

Synonyms for inalterable

not capable of being changed or altered


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Important here is the Latin word sancio with its forceful meaning of "establish inalterably," indicating the authority with which the pope teaches.
And then they gave me news that would inalterably change my life.
Sharia is often viewed as immutable and inalterably regressive within the Western and largely secular world.
It will be inalterably changed by the avalanche of information that would result from the opening up of the Internet in Cuba.
Psychopaths do not appear different in kind from other people, or inalterably dangerous.
He then allowed that he wasn't inalterably opposed to the states compelling Congress to call a convention, but he would need his questions answered before deeming it advisable.
In little over 100 years, this waterscape of the arid West has been transformed as completely and inalterably as the landscape.
Thus, the system of international justice may appear on the surface to be impermissibly and inalterably tilted towards the prosecution.
Although the New Deal had initially brought valuable Conservation Corps projects and jobs to the Navajo Reservation, (143) the period soon became inalterably associated with the stock reduction policy.
When things look inalterably bleak resort to carefree wishing.
First, the initial abolition of slavery during Toussaint's lifetime in 1794 by the French National Convention (the First Republic) and subsequently after his death in 1848 (the Second Republic) inalterably shifted and further complicated the political and juridical meaning of race in Saint-Domingue/Haiti and in France (Dubois).
Whatever the ultimate duration of Hume's stay in a young offenders' centre, his five-year sentence will change his life inalterably.
Wearing a black leather jacket and a black ball cap, Hamilton on Monday seemed remarkably relaxed for someone whose life has just changed inalterably.
Though the whole of Vronsky's inner life was filled with his passion, his external life rolled inalterably and irresistibly along the former, habitual rails [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] of social and regimental connections and interests.
But that process of resolution can be easily undermined or inalterably complicated if there is an illegal reprisal.