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Synonyms for inalterable

incapable of changing or being modified

Synonyms for inalterable

not capable of being changed or altered


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En esta linea, los verbos "ficar"--quedarse--,"conservar", "manter"--mantener--o "sentar" remiten al campo semantico de lo inalterable o de lo que no se mueve, siendo un indicio de que Maria Lionpa permanece impasible frente al sufrimiento.
Possiblement en reponse aux evenements de 1869 impliquant la Nouvelle-Ecosse, on voulut aussi une formule inalterable unilateralement par le Parlement canadien (89).
The denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is an inalterable policy goal of the DPRK government," it said, but added that getting rid of such weapons should also include a total removal of US nuclear threats against the North.
Le buteur allemand de la Lazio, qui venait pourtant de manquer une occasion enorme, a montre son inalterable sens de la competition en marquant le but de la victoire (82) alors que l'Inter avait mis la main sur le match et venait de frapper deux fois les poteaux.
Amelie est une jeune fille de dix-sept ans, << inalterable de patience et d'humeur, d'une complaisance egale >> (46-47), << noble de maintien, reguliere de traits, unie et pure de ton >> (49).
Human nature is inalterable and fixed; it always remains the same (1987, p.
In the face of a timeless reproduced image, the contingent original withers, unable to compete with its inalterable offspring.
Daniels' inalterable rule is that no interval should exceed five minutes; beyond that, the demands of interval running lead to too much blood lactate, which by instigating fatigue compromises time spent at maximal oxygen consumption.
Rather, the inalterable fact of their deaths creates the condition necessary for Browning to scrutinize and to relish the imaginative truths his own poetics of aesthetic resurrection could reveal.
Many psychologists also assume that psychopathy is inalterable.
WE USED TO THINK OF HISTORY as the realm of the settled, as an inalterable past, as a nightmare.
Acton contrasted this allegedly Jeffersonian view with a theory that "secures liberty by certain inalterable rights, and founds it on truths which men did not invent and may not abjure.
The home emerges from nature, built with rock and stone found in the immediate environment, and remains inalterable even though constructed over a powerful waterfall.
Elle se presente, de meme que sa langue et sa culture, comme s'inscrivant dans une continuite transhistorique non seulement ininterrompue, mais inalterable.
De ser correcta la idea de inercia estructural la movilizacion de los recursos no seria posible por lo que la dotacion de recursos permaneceria inalterable.