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in an expedient manner


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You don't see people sitting over holiday meals reading and while they do, inadvisably in most summer tourist areas, walk round studying books, it always turns out to be travel guides.
recently introduced, which would inadvisably prevent the state from
Top of the bill is an inadvisably overcrowded bicycle ridden by 14 girls simultaneously.
Then there's the cash gleaned from the notorious Frankie Says T-shirts, the rights to the slogans for which ZTT's PaulMorley inadvisably sold off to the band for pounds 50 each.
He also, somewhat inadvisably, wrote a similar letter to the judge in the case, who passed it on to Hoover.
But, having been rudely shaken from his idyll by thugs mistaking him for a namesake millionaire, the Dude inadvisably touts for compensation, and winds up in an escalating catalogue of crimes.
Hill's resolution - with backing from those board members who are inadvisably in support of his and Tim Shpall's public display - to take the issue to higher levels, as well as greater extremes, is an insult to the community at large, the businesses we represent and the chamber members who gave them and their proponents their vote of confidence.
God forbid that any member of the medical profession to which she entrusts her life, doubly precious at that eventful period, should hazard it negligently, inadvisably or selfishly.
The most likely group to cook themselves in the sun are 18 to 24-year-olds, with one third intentionally and inadvisably getting a foundation burn compared to 22% of 45 - 54-year-olds.
The result is a record that, while perhaps inadvisably harder-edged in production to make it more 'now', features some of Meat Loaf's best vocal work to date.
Their concerns ought to have been predicted by the centre's director and senior staff, who inadvisably agreed to the resettlement initiative without first informing headteachers.
It was the kind of action normally favoured by beered-up teenage boys in suburban pedestrian precincts - inadvisably reckless bravado designed to establish a reputation.
My eye was taken by this restaurant some months ago when I inadvisably went to watch Hartlepool United's second-string get battered by Tranmere on a cold and blustery Tuesday night.
Especially when, as director Tony Scott inadvisably does here, references are made to the more compelling psychos in De Niro's past.
There, the female of the species congregate, squeezed into inadvisably tight dresses, hoping the low lighting disguises the VPL of their support knickers.