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in an inadequate manner or to an inadequate degree


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Both systems were inadequately programmed to do the job.
Grammatical and typographical errors occur frequently in this book, and a number of the plates are inadequately identified or not identified at all.
The first example cited is excessive compensation, followed by excessive rent and inadequately secured loans.
This eliminates the risk of transferring infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B and C from patient to patient due to inadequately sterilized instrumentation.
A CAMPAIGN for warm homes has been launched with a warning that over 20% of the region's homes will be inadequately heated this winter, putting occupants at risk.
Inadequately tested and malfunctioning fire alarms have prompted the Los Angeles Fire Department to order ``fire watches'' at both of the San Fernando Valley's new secondary schools.
Buerhaus further emphasized that the perceptions of nurses who worked in units they considered inadequately staffed differed significantly from the perceptions of nurses who work in units considered to be adequately staffed.
Education and treatment would be effective in preventing the spread of STDs in Ukraine, but these measures are inadequately funded (3).
Factors such as government regulations, budgeting and taxes easily can be overlooked or inadequately addressed in the excitement of the new venture.
Treated inadequately by the Rules for Plans is the situation where a developer's proposed zoning map change is inconsistent with a previously approved Plan.
Perhaps the incoming ion and the metal surface combine to form a hybrid structure inadequately described by any present atomic model.
We believe that Cognis' problems in Cincinnati begin with the company's stubborn insistence on keeping its inadequately trained replacement workers," McCall said, "and will end only after our members have returned to their rightful jobs.
Traffic planners had inadequately prepared for the popularity of Wal-Mart and other stores, and only belatedly came up with some modest improvements, though more still needs to be done.
With 37 million Americans currently not covered by health insurance and millions more inadequately insured, and the costs of health care delivery rising at more than five times the rate of inflation, fundamental change in the system is urgently needed.
They also pegged a few sites--such as the reservoir bottoms--where Legionella could easily multiply since the water was stagnant, nutrient-rich or inadequately chlorinated.