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the process of rendering inactive

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The extent of microbial inactivation increased with the amount of light exposure on all materials.
Takeshi Saino, senior corporate officer and general manager of sales and marketing divison at Kawasumi Laboratories, said we are pleased to partner with Cerus in an effort to propose a solid alternative for pathogen inactivation to the Japan Red Cross.
While not as glamorous as a decisive-action rotation or as adrenaline inducing as a combat deployment, inactivation is just as demanding--albeit in a much more administrative way.
PME inactivation followed first-order kinetics with a residual PME activity of 15% at all pressure-temperature combinations used by the researchers.
The fast inactivation results from the plugging of the internal cavity by the cytoplasmic N-terminus ("ball-and-chain" mechanism) (Kurata and Fedida 2006).
The inactivation rate increased tenfold when the temperature increased by 5 degree Celsius, indicating that smoking temperature is a main factor affecting the inactivation of the pathogen.
Out of the nine inactivation cycles run, under various concentrations and exposure times, five of them achieved a 3-log reduction of beta-lactams on every CI, proving to be effective cycles under the test protocol.
Most published reports on virus inactivation in water have dealt with enteric viruses, and government guidelines for water treatment have focused on this group.
As anticipated, Ape1 exonuclease activity on a 1 nt gap substrate was similarly inhibited by Fe(II), Pb(II), and Cd(II), with no significant effect seen with the other metals (data not shown), suggesting a general (substrate-independent) inactivation of Ape1 catalytic activities.
Gamma irradiation and heat inactivation procedures have been investigated for the mentioned lipid-enveloped viruses (3, 4).
2 -- color) Members of the 95th and 795th Civil Engineer Squadrons salute Thursday at their inactivation ceremony at Edwards.
Non-linear inactivation patterns have been reported since the beginning of the century, and as technology has progressed, more confidence has been gained in the experimental techniques used to produce heat inactivation data.
Gene inactivation is performed on an aliquot of cells of the cell type of interest.
Technologies, Incorporated ("Vitex") (Nasdaq: VITX) and its development partner Pall Corporation (NYSE: PLL) announced today that recent findings from Vitex' laboratory research on the INACTINE(TM) Pathogen Inactivation Technology will be shared at the upcoming meeting of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) in Washington, D.
The Intercept Platelet System is the only pathogen inactivation system for platelets to enter human clinical trials.