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the process of rendering inactive

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The main line for the inactivation of pathogens and leukocytes in large volumes of platelets in 100% plasma;the main line for the inactivation of pathogens and leukocytes in small volumes of platelets in a resuspension solution;the main line for the inactivation of pathogens and leukocytes in large volumes of platelets in a resuspension solution
Lately, the several recent studies research inactivation systems working with battery (8-14).
The global viral inactivation market is projected to reach USD 573.
In sequential disinfection, the effect of the combined action of disinfectants, which promotes an inactivation of microorganisms that is higher than the sum of the inactivation of the same disinfectants applied separately, is called synergism (USEPA, 1999; CHO et al.
While not as glamorous as a decisive-action rotation or as adrenaline inducing as a combat deployment, inactivation is just as demanding--albeit in a much more administrative way.
Biomedical company Cerus (CERS) stated on Wednesday that its INTERCEPT Blood System for red blood cells for pathogen inactivation and transfusion of whole blood has been approved for use specifically in the sub-Saharan African countries.
PME inactivation followed first-order kinetics with a residual PME activity of 15% at all pressure-temperature combinations used by the researchers.
During the inactivation ceremony, Captain Mike Lannore, the final company commander of the 46th, said, ".
HXT accelerated current decay, caused a left-shift in steady-state inactivation curve but had no effect on voltage-dependence of activation.
Researchers at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine have discovered that inactivation of a DNA repair gene called Husl efficiently kills cells lacking p53--a gene mutated in the majority of human cancers.
They found that greater inactivation rates of Listeria monocytogenes occurred in samples processed at higher temperatures and in samples containing higher concentrations of salt and smoke compound.
The number of colony forming units (CFU) and inactivation factor were determined.
The goal of a 3-log reduction was based off of previous studies done which showed that a 3-log reduction is the maximum level of CI inactivation that can be verified for some beta-lactams.
The Non-Linear Kinetics of Microbial Inactivation and Growth in Foods.
New data indicate that the recommended CT inactivation value (or contact time) * is higher than previously published (2), when inactivation is measured at a higher pH using an outbreak-associated Cryptosporidium isolate (3).