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Synonyms for inactivate

release from military service or remove from the active list of military service

make inactive

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The average D-10 value, the radiation dose needed to inactivate 1 log10 of pathogen on the three products, was 0.
The INTERCEPT Blood System, based on the company's Helinx technology, is designed to inactivate viruses, bacteria, other pathogens and white blood cells.
These Intercept Blood Systems, based on the Helinx technology, are designed to inactivate viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.
25 kGy was able to inactivate less than 2 log10 of Salmonella spp.
It improves enzyme digestibility and gelatinized structure without retrogradation; rapidly freezes and thaws products; tenderizes meat; inactivates Salmonella and Listeria in liquid whole eggs while improving functional characteristics; improves the coagulation properties of milk; and increases moisture retention of fresh cheese.
Each of the cells randomly decides which X--the one inherited from the mother or the one from the father--it will inactivate.
s laboratory in Rockville, Maryland, VIRALEX was used to inactivate H.
High-pressure processing has potential for food preservation applications because it can inactivate microorganisms and enzymes.
have found that in test-tube experiments, organic vanadium compounds inactivate sperm more quickly than the common spermicide nonoxynol-9.
Use of the chemical methylene blue to inactivate viruses which may contaminate plasma was developed by the Blood Transfusion Service of the German Red Cross in Lower Saxony in collaboration with ZLB.
Researchers will describe the INTERCEPT system's potential to inactivate pathogens in red blood cells while maintaining critical red blood cell functions.
APHS appears to inactivate COX-2 in a different way than other inhibitors do, they report in the May 22 Science.
Anergen is developing therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases using proprietary biopharmaceutical compounds designed to inactivate or anergize the disease-related T-cells in the immune system that are responsible for each disease.
Patent: 5,166,315 covers compounds designed to bind and inactivate double-strand genetic sequences.