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in an inaccurate manner


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It is now almost certain that the many thousands of households who suspect their water usage is being inaccurately gauged will not only have to stump up the extra costs not covered by Minister Kelly's repair grant but will also have to find this [euro]100 fee too.
iii) inaccurately asserts without any factual basis "the U.
A report in the GDN yesterday inaccurately said British Embassy officials had refused to comment on the case.
In "Glory Road," don't officials at Texas A&M University-Commerce have a right to ask the Disney corporation and filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer to apologize for inaccurately linking their school to some of the film's most racially charged scenes involving the 1966 Texas Western basketball team's run to the NCAA title?
The police believed, inaccurately, that Nuckols was a child pornographer.
presents John Paul Jones: America's First Sea Warrior, a biography that eschews both the blind idolization of past accounts and the inaccurately deconstructionist present accounts of Jones' amazing life.
Neither will it adopt inappropriate superlatives that inaccurately place the building at the forefront of state of the art architectural progress: those that allude to performative infrastructures, warp factors, or futuristic forms of lunar urbanism.
In "A Race to Reclaim Forests" (Autumn 05), Lyme Timber's role in the Errol community forest project was inaccurately described.
Abramsky inaccurately states that the left is unwilling to grapple with totalitarian-think.
Your article inaccurately states, "Thai Buddhists hold that each person's soul inhabits many physical bodies over time.
OUR article last Sunday "Axed and Emergency" inaccurately attributed quotes to the Department of Health.
aerobic exercise, are occasionally reported inaccurately or with a host of popular myths attached.
Sam Lohs, Susie Keynes, and Mel Watson, the lesbian trio Fruit from Adelaide, Australia, have been inaccurately compared to the Indigo Girls for their meticulous harmonies.
It's important for armorers to check if they have unlined barrels because they wear out 80 percent faster than lined barrels and fire saboted light armor penetrator (SLAP) ammo very inaccurately.
For example, EPDM is frequently referred to inaccurately as "ethylene-propylenediene-monomer.