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in an inaccurate manner


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This has contributed to a final report that we believe inaccurately devalues treatments like Opdivo, that may provide lung cancer patients who do not respond to, or relapse on their current therapies, with an opportunity for potential longer survival.
It is now almost certain that the many thousands of households who suspect their water usage is being inaccurately gauged will not only have to stump up the extra costs not covered by Minister Kelly's repair grant but will also have to find this [euro]100 fee too.
08) regarding my asylum matter, I would like to advise you that one of the points was inaccurately reported.
The clarification comes following "initial reports on Reuters and Bloomberg, which both inaccurately reported a Q4 net loss for Sorouh Real Estate," the statement said.
Rupert Murdoch's paper has now admitted the article was based on an interview Benitez had given to Spanish paper El Mundo, which they translated inaccurately.
Rupert Murdoch's paper has now admitted the article was based on an interview Benitez had given to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, which they then translated inaccurately.
But he has stressed his comments have been inaccurately reported.
A report in the GDN yesterday inaccurately said British Embassy officials had refused to comment on the case.
Former owner, Richard Power, (whom we inaccurately described as the owner) claimed that the club had closed due to mismanagement, including ripping off customers by charging exorbitantly high prices for entrance fee and drinks.
Unlined barrels wear out 80 percent faster than lined ones and they shoot saboted light armor penetrator (SLAP) ammo very inaccurately.
Also, a reference to the story in the West/South edition inaccurately indicated that there were drug charges.
In "Glory Road," don't officials at Texas A&M University-Commerce have a right to ask the Disney corporation and filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer to apologize for inaccurately linking their school to some of the film's most racially charged scenes involving the 1966 Texas Western basketball team's run to the NCAA title?
For it emerges Mr apik - cruelly and not entirely inaccurately described by one columnist last week as a 'Green party recruiting sergeant' - will be accompanying his Cheeky Girl girlfriend Gabriela Irimia to the Brit Awards this week, thereby trumping the legendary Samantha Fox and Mick Fleetwood as the gongs' most bizarre double-act.
The police believed, inaccurately, that Nuckols was a child pornographer.
To the Editor: We respectfully take issue with an article in your May issue ("Beginning the Transformation"), which inaccurately represented competing fuel cell technologies.