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Synonyms for inaccurate

Synonyms for inaccurate

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not exact

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It is accurate if I met Jones, inaccurate if I met Brown, but precise in either case as against the mere recollection that I met a man.
That is to say, if a small difference of stimulus produces a great difference of response, the instrument is very accurate; in the contrary case, very inaccurate.
Hence arises, as I have found to my cost, a constant tendency to fill up the wide gaps of knowledge, by inaccurate and superficial hypotheses.
My name is Marian Halcombe; and I am as inaccurate as women usually are, in calling Mr.
1] A slightly inaccurate quotation from Hamlet, Act III, scene I, lines 369-370.
Next, here are honest and well intentioned persons, who by a want of tact--by inaccurate perceptions--by a distorting imagination--have been kept continually at cross purposes with the world and bewildered upon the path of life.
His movements were slow, fumbling, and inaccurate, accompanied by panting and head-swimming, as he dragged himself into a sitting-up position in the stern, his rifle beside him.
Footnote: Vivid though inaccurate pictures of life and events at the time of the Norman Conquest are given in Bulwer-Lytton's 'Harold' and Charles Kingsley's 'Hereward the Wake.
But PSE, for its part, said that it strongly disagreed with the statement describing as inaccurate and misleading the PSE disclosures.
In response to this question, 14% said very accurate, 29% said moderately accurate, 38% said neither accurate nor inaccurate, 14% said moderately inaccurate and 4% said very inaccurate.
Thales is making use of a new provider with more detailed flight maps, however, inaccurate translations have been identified," Oman Air said in a notice uploaded on its official twitter handle.
Summary: The Change and Reform bloc leader Tuesday dismissed statements attributed to him in the media as being inaccurate and fabricated.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) on Sunday deplored that certain inaccurate and inappropriate reports that appeared
In theory, the proposed rule would give a contracting officer the flexibility to focus an audit on the inaccurate portions disclosed by the contractor.
Washington, Sha'ban 20, 1435, Jun 18, 2014, SPA -- The United States of America described Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Malki's statements in which he accused the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of supporting the terrorist groups are not correct and inaccurate.