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Synonyms for inaccuracy

Synonyms for inaccuracy

an act or thought that unintentionally deviates from what is correct, right, or true

Antonyms for inaccuracy

the quality of being inaccurate and having errors

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According to Doshi, the inaccuracy of early tests has two causes: The kits aren't sensitive enough to pick up the small amounts of hormone present early in pregnancy; and women using them aren't experienced enough to interpret borderline results or to avoid minor procedural errors that might be critical when hormone levels are low.
If you want an inaccuracy corrected or cleared up you should: Phone 020 7293 3115, fax 020 7293 3975, e-mail readers@mirror.
The kinematical gear inaccuracy is given by position inaccuracy of the driven gear wheel, which is equal to difference between ideal and real seating of the output member as result of the incorrect production and assembly.
A significant number of consumers have some type of inaccuracy on their credit reports, inaccuracies that can negatively affect their FICO score, buying power, interest rates, employment, and insurance rates.
A spokesman for the firm said it had found an 'accounting inaccuracy' in its operation covering England and it was still trying to find where in the system the inaccuracy had occurred.
For most people, such inaccuracy is inconsequential, but for accountants who rely on the computer's clock when running timeand-billing, calendaring or personalinformation-manager software, such errors are more than inconvenient-- they can be a time bomb.
Who should be responsible for the notorious inaccuracy of news stories about science?
Given the terrible inaccuracy of old violation records, this lets everyone concentrate on more recent problems that may still need correction," he added.
The easy-to-use interface with Interthinx enables our ProLender customers using DISSCO to avoid re-keying the loan information, reducing the time needed to process each loan and decreasing the margin for error or inaccuracy inherent in re-keying loan data multiple times.
To ask for an inaccuracy to be ask for an inaccuracy to be T corrected, all you have to do is email paul.
to Mr Ritchie, his family and friends for this inaccuracy and any upset or stress caused.
The researchers refer to this phenomenon as "motivated inaccuracy.
3) Nonstandard abbreviations: NCEP, National Cholesterol Education Program; OPSpecs, operating specifications for allowable imprecision (CV), allowable inaccuracy (bias), and necessary QC; [TE.
In addition, the Bank expressly disclaims any liability to any person for any inaccuracy in the COFI, regardless of the cause, or for any resulting damages.
If you find an inaccuracy, maybe a wrong address or you paid a bill on time, but the record shows late payment, the first thing you should do is to go to the original creditor," she says.