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a shoe with a line of rollers fixed to the sole

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Most people today have probably seen a person on in-line skates whizzing along on the street or in a park.
in 1981, with setting the in-line skate business rolling.
You can go faster with in-line skates, since their smooth narrow polyurethane wheels create less friction against the ground than the regular wide wheels they're also easier to maneuver.
Fans of the show can now ride a scooter, in-line skate and skateboard as Otto and Twister as they save Ocean Shores on their Game Boy Advance systems.
Rocket Power Beach Bandits features team Rocket Power as they skateboard, surf, and in-line skate their way through an action-packed platform adventure.
Opening June 19, Knott's Snoopy summer includes an extreme sports showcase by world-class skateboard, BMX bike and in-line skate athletes; a stunt musical featuring the Wild West Bandits; a patriotic on-ice parade through American song and dance starring the world's only skating beagle; and a multimedia laser show exploding nightly over Buena Park's usually peaceful Reflection Lake.
In addition to skis, Salomon, also a leading Outdoor recreational brand, will introduce its new In-Line Skate Program to The Sports Authority.
It has followed sort of a normal life cycle for a product that got very hot in a very short time so it was bound to cool off, which it did,'' Muellner said of the in-line skate market.
His new neighbors got him hooked on in-line skate hockey, and that evolved into a love of ice hockey.
Zephyr In-line Skate Tours: (888) 758-8687; seven-day Netherlands trips depart in May, August and September.
Don't just give a child in-line skates or a sled, but schedule a specific time when you can skate, sled, or walk with the child.
At a packed Balboa Lake Park in Encino, children lined the sidewalks on their new bikes and in-line skates.
he temporarily traded in his in-line skates for ice skates.
To overcome this obstacle, Environics developed a new story angle by focusing on all wheeled activities, spotlighting safety messaging for bikes and for new and emerging wheeled activities (scooters, in-line skates and skateboards).