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Aqua View has an in-built 16GB ROM and an expandable memory of up to 32 GB.
From a bird flying straight at you or a spider trying to get up close and personal with you, the in-built sensors will automatically monitor when the user's heartbeat rises.
On top of that, it comes with an in-built microphone so you can take calls through it.
Hendrik Verbrugghe, marketing director, said: "We've been focusing strongly on our in-built analytics capabilities in order to meet with the demands of the market, our customers and our partners.
For convenience and ease of integration, the ES pump features in-built ISO and BSP connections; it is simple to maintain with easy oil and filter changes and can be serviced on site by the user, bringing higher productivity.
Auto Business News-February 11, 2014--Ford launches Figo with in-built Wi-Fi at 2014 Indian Auto Expo
Microsoft Surface 2: 32GB/64GB in-built storage with 2GB RAM.
The tablet has an in-built Tesco launcher button, which allows users to shop, see their Clubcard points, watch movies on Tesco's Blinkbox system, and listen to music.
The in-built follow-up autoresponders take over with carefully timed email messages that increase conversion rates leading to more closed deals.
In-built intelligence supports each measurement, from the outset through to a successful conclusion.
A COMPUTER expert hacked into his business partner's stolen laptop and used its in-built web camera to take a photo of the thief - 2,000 miles away.
Researchers from the University of Southampton believe nanoparticles emitted from diesel engines could be affecting bees' brains and damaging their in-built navigation skills.
In-built wi-fi means it can read out anything from the web.
It also features Dual Connectivity for port trunking, UPS connectivity and an in-built print server feature that allows users to print documents from anywhere in their network.
PERFECT for entertaining family and friends, the stylish Royal 4 Burner Roaster features a stainless steel hood with an innovative in-built heat indicator, integrated warming rack and a porcelain coated grill and griddle for guaranteed long life and ease of maintenance.