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between the first and third base lines

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He describes the master plan's vision of "an in-bounds, pseudo-back-country experience" with very thoughtfully gladed runs.
There was one second left on the clock when Mo Williams launched the in-bounds pass to James, who was under tough pressure from Hedo Turkoglu but still made the three-pointer.
A pair of Georgetown defenders stood helplessly over Villanova guard Gary McLain, who had landed on his stomach to control the in-bounds pass in the final two seconds.
Wild pantomime, groping and general buffoonery are all in-bounds, while Alexandre Azaria's music exaggerates matters further with the loopy gothic feel of one of Danny Elfman's Tim Burton scores.
Another philosophy is to trap the first pass made to the receiver in the deep corner, while another defensive thought is to remove the defender on the "Trigger" and place him either in the lane, as a centerfielder or to double-team and deny the most likely in-bounds receiver.
In football, a "wide receiver" renders himself ineligible when he crosses the longitudinal that marks the boundary between in-bounds and out-of-bounds.
Although that time he passed on the heli-skiing, opting instead to remain in-bounds and on the ground: "I went out of bounds last year, but this year I didn't, because I was too tired, and we had to hike a lot.
A three-day camp designed to teach aspiring backcountry skiers how to safely break away from in-bounds terrain and explore the entire mountain.
This web of relationships was legal then--and, according to the clubby, pre-Watergate Washington norms in which Douglas was steeped, probably ethically in-bounds, too.
BOSTON -- Jeff Green certainly deserves credit for hitting the fall-away 3-pointer at the buzzer in Miami Saturday with LeBron James's hand in his face, but Gerald Wallace's cross-court in-bounds pass was a thing of beauty as well.
Their most spectacular basket came on an alley-oop dunk by Marcus Capers off an in-bounds pass from point guard Reggie Moore, who had nine of his game-high 11 assists in the first half.
But they found much to differ on, including how worrying a figure Paul is for the GOP and whether it is in-bounds to criticize Romney for saying he would support candidate Paul over candidate President Obama.
Mike Collins made himself a webbing-based accessory to strap his skis on his back in Colorado's "slackcountry," hikeable in-bounds terrain not served by lifts.
When a Touched Ball Lands In-Bounds and Called Foul -- Phil Cuzzi's Gaffe - Game 2 ALDS -- Twins v Yankees