in the midst

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the middle or central part or point


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The word that Jesus proclaims is God's very presence and purpose in the midst of the opposition that God's word faces.
IN THE MIDST OF THE WASHINGTON-AREA sniper attacks last fall, Montgomery County (Md.
Time of Change is an intimate and poignant recollection; many of the pictures--some never before published--focus on people's everyday lives in the midst of a trying period in history.
Such a note of levity in the midst of the often bloody confrontations of the civil rights movement suggests one other component of combative spirituality, namely its "subversive joy.
After hinting at his mother's lonely restlessness and laying bare his father's emotional homelessness in the midst of abundant, fine possessions, Stepto makes explicit his resolve to enact his grandfather Ocie Burns's dream of serenity.
I love the mayhem created by Keaton, a Candide in the midst of a maelstrom that he may not even know he started - everything whirling and whirling around him as he maneuvers through it.
Online activist groups such as the Center for Democracy and Technology, JunkBusters, the Online Privacy Alliance and the Better Business Bureau Online, are in the midst of actively fighting for increased privacy online.
In the midst of scrolling through some of that E-mail, the entertainer exhales a deep sigh and shakes his head.
They were most frequent in the early 1830s, as the newly installed regime struggled to stabilize itself in the midst of a major economic crisis; the simultaneous legitimist uprising in the west and the huge republican demonstration of June 6, 1832 in Paris could easily have toppled the Orleanist order.
In the midst of social and political upheavals, Mrs.
Who is the legal parent when a baby is conceived by a donor egg, donor sperm, and a surrogate mother for an infertile couple in the midst of a divorce?
I told him of my feelings of rejection and isolation in the midst of parties and other social events.
The Immigration and Naturalization Service, which orders ammunition in lots of a million rounds, is in the midst of testing Bismuth's .