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On August 1, 1875, one paper sol was worth one sol in specie.
Novogen said it expects to provide shareholders with full details of the merger proposal and in specie distribution within the next three weeks.
Effectively, the In Specie Dividend gives each shareholder a beneficial interest in shares in the entity, Virgin Australia International Holdings Pty Ltd (VAIH) and these shares will be administered by The Trust Company.
Once a listing is granted, Integra will announce the record date for dividends in specie.
dividend in specie to all Meikles' shareholders all the 245 374 791
In the circumstances, not all SIPP providers will accept in specie contributions.
I have been told that most of these investments can be transferred on an in specie basis, but a few can't.
As Superintendent of Finance, Morris insisted that the states pay their requisitions in specie rather than in paper, reduced expenses by dismissing numerous unnecessary national officeholders, engaged in creative financing for restructuring existing debt to improve cash flow, and worked actively with American agents abroad toward securing new foreign loans for the war effort.
These declines amounted to over a 34 percent drop in total reserves and over a 46 percent drop in specie holdings, respectively, yet no banks in the sample either failed or suspended specie convertibility during the period.
USR proposes to distribute the Sniper shares (bonus shares) its shareholders on a pro-rata basis as a dividend in specie (also see May 12, 2005 news release for more details).
Our open stance on re-registration also gives advisers the reassurance we have no artificial barriers in transferring on or off the platform in specie,' said Mark Polson, head of communication at Standard Life Savings.
The division would include an in specie distribution of shares in a new entity to present stockholders of Uranium Equities on a pro rata basis.
Following this announcement, most of the banks throughout the country resumed; but, for many banks, whose borrowers were unable, themselves, to repay their debts in specie or bank notes redeemable in specie, this resumption proved abortive, and much of the country south of Virginia and west of Pennsylvania relapsed into suspension.
Both Spider and KWG are considering the merits of distributing the diamond company's shares to the holders of their own shares, as a dividend in specie.