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Once a listing is granted, Integra will announce the record date for dividends in specie.
An in specie transfer basically means your existing investment holding is merely reregistered on to the Transact platform.
USR proposes to distribute the Sniper shares (bonus shares) its shareholders on a pro-rata basis as a dividend in specie (also see May 12, 2005 news release for more details).
By Sep 2012, the new entity will be listed in London and thereafter, Integra plans to spin off its shares in IGSS to its shareholders in proportion to their holdings in Integra, so called dividends in specie (in kind).
Following this announcement, most of the banks throughout the country resumed; but, for many banks, whose borrowers were unable, themselves, to repay their debts in specie or bank notes redeemable in specie, this resumption proved abortive, and much of the country south of Virginia and west of Pennsylvania relapsed into suspension.
Both Spider and KWG are considering the merits of distributing the diamond company's shares to the holders of their own shares, as a dividend in specie.
The shares of Ventures are to be distributed to shareholders of the Company pursuant to a dividend in specie.