in sight

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at or within a reasonable distance for seeing

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Families are also being advised to make sure house alarms are set and not to leave spare keys near the front door or in sight of callers.
It may not be back in the Premiership, but Birmingham City Football Club has made an elite league, with Aston Villa nowhere in sight.
Introscope provides BEA customers with unmatched in sight into the performance of their WebLogic applications by tracking real transactions in real-time.
The conduct of federal authorities in this case, Maggio claimed, was akin to that of East German border guards, and the seizure of Konanykhine and his wife at the Canadian border was "reminiscent of a movie about the Cold War with freedom right in sight and he gets grabbed.
As discussed above, an insured will not avoid the effect of the unattended vehicle exclusion simply by keeping the vehicle in sight at the time of loss.