in his right mind

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behaving responsibly

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If he had been in his right mind, he would have shrunk from the idea of suicide as from the idea of a crime.
She looked at him as if she doubted whether he was in his right mind.
Look at that-air grindstone, s'I; want to tell ME't any cretur 't's in his right mind 's a goin' to scrabble all them crazy things onto a grindstone, s'I?
He was quite in his right mind," said Newman, with gentle but dangerous doggedness; "I have never seen him so bright and clever.
Cardenio was then in his right mind, free from any attack of that madness which so frequently carried him away, and seeing them dressed in a fashion so unusual among the frequenters of those wilds, could not help showing some surprise, especially when he heard them speak of his case as if it were a well-known matter (for the curate's words gave him to understand as much) so he replied to them thus:
But with Raffles in his right mind, I had ceased to apply my own, or to carry my share of our common burden another inch.
Such curious starts and grimaces did he indulge in that one was forced to conclude that he was scarcely in his right mind.