in haste

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in a hurried or hasty manner

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Sir," said he, "I fear that I have kept you waiting when you are in haste, and have not come as quickly as you bade me.
But that does not imply that decisions have to be taken in haste or without adequate debate and discussion.
However, the Anfield history books also provide examples of the dangers of spending in haste and repenting at leisure.
The resolution states that holding LB polls in haste may be detrimental to democracy in the country and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should announce a new date for polls in accordance with the constitution.
Asked about the opinion voiced by his former Test captain, England's limited-overs coach said: "It's harsh - I think it was said in haste by Michael.
He alleged that government worked out budget for the fiscal 2013-14 in haste and no relief was given to the poor segments of society through this budget.
Summary: Rabat - The European Parliament's resolution on Laayoune's events was "adopted in haste," said Member of the European Parliament Rachida Dati.
We are against adoption of the Tax Code in haste and without taking into account interests of the society," Nurbek Elebaev, Chair of the Board of Directors of Kyrgyz Stock Exchange, concluded.
Though many problems must be solved in haste, beware of someone pushing you to hurry.
Paul Sarbanes recently denied that Sarbox was enacted in haste, the evidence is overwhelming that the law overshot the mark.
But they failed to act on a recommendation made by the Lambeth Commission for a moratorium on consecrating gay bishops who are in same-sex relationships and on authorizing official prayer services for same-sex blessings, saying they did not wish to "act in haste.
So next time someone's done you wrong, remember the old adage: ``Act in haste, repent in leisure.
Most relationships tend to live up to the 'marry in haste, repent at leisure' cliche, so should J-Lo be worried?
The father of a soldier "murdered" in Iraq yesterday vented his fury on Tony Blair for the "ultimate responsibility" of his son's death by leading the country to war in haste.
New enforceable safe drinking water regulations drafted in haste following the Walkerton tragedy have northern municipal leaders wondering how they are going to pay for it all.