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at or in the front


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Here aloft can I now speak freer than in front of mountain-caves and anchorites' domestic animals.
In front of them they caught a glimpse of the road.
One peasant was whacking the snow-covered croup of their little horse with a long switch, and the other two sitting in front waved their arms and shouted something.
I came in violent collision with a large woman in front of me (the man with the split coat had vanished), while those behind collided against me.
Our wagonette had topped a rise and in front of us rose the huge expanse of the moor, mottled with gnarled and craggy cairns and tors.
I see a great, great rock in front of us--look--way out there where the sky and the water meet.
They went into the little yard in front of the shed.
In front of the colors the three men began to bawl: "Come on
In front stood the bow-men, ten deep, with a fringe of under-officers, who paced hither and thither marshalling the ranks with curt precept or short rebuke.
A baby falling down in front of the door, wrenched a scream like a wounded animal from its mother.
Almost opposite to this were the white and green blinds of the great scientist's house, an iron balcony, also painted green, running along in front of the first-floor windows.
The driver of the waggon seemed undecided, and the chauffeur, running slow but disregarding some shouted warning from the crossing policemen, swerved the auto to the left, violating the traffic rules, in order to pass in front of the waggon.
So imagine me seated in a grassy corner, with my knapsack open on the ground and my petticoat and silk stockings spread out in front of me,--an odd picture, to be sure, for any passer by to come upon.
He seated it in front of the fire, and tried to think he had his wife back again.
Another one was a young lady with her hair all combed up straight to the top of her head, and knotted there in front of a comb like a chair-back, and she was crying into a handkerchief and had a dead bird laying on its back in her other hand with its heels up, and underneath the picture it said "I Shall Never Hear Thy Sweet Chirrup More Alas.