in fact

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in reality or actuality

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In fact, one can safely conclude that the latter has remained one of the main goals of the government's strategy.
In fact, the revenue will allow INS to improve service and expand infrastructure to the benefit of all our customers.
In fact, immigration continues to increase prodigiously, especially amongst Mexicans.
But, in fact, some operators may not have funded their start-up project adequately, while others may not have properly allocated and deployed available cash that was provided in their initial capital budget.
In fact, the INS is involved in more gunfights than all other federal agencies combined.
In fact, most of the reputed political fun of the sixties was the same kind of "fun" no doubt experienced by activists in the thirties or teens: The thrill of solidarity, of marching and chanting together, of being caught up in a great transcendent cause, "larger than ourselves.
In fact, the only drawback to using the income forecast method is that, unlike MACRS, property cannot be depreciated below its salvage value.
In fact, PCI application security requirements were recently strengthened, and Gartner believes that during the next five years, PCI requirements will continue to be tightened.
In fact, 2002 has to be considered one of the top movie tie-in years to date for the toy industry, with no less than a half-dozen movies expected to spur toy sales dramatically.