in essence

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with regard to fundamentals although not concerning details

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Although Bush had spoken vaguely of INS restructuring during the 2000 campaign, the only immigration-related reform pursued with any vigor during his first year was in essence a massive pander to the Hispanic vote: a proposed amnesty to some of the 3 million Mexicans living and working in the United States illegally.
Allowing this action to proceed would, in essence, provide for a potential for multiplicity of lawsuits, i.
He said that, in essence, Sassa had been temporarily parked in his job overseeing NBC's stations to await an opening in entertainment.
Adel Safty's work is in essence a counter to this official version of history, so far as it concerns Americans, Israelis, and I suspect even many Arabs.
In essence the Internet is a largely unregulated world that individuals, companies and organizations now rely on daily.