in concert

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with a common plan


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While our sales were lower than we expected in the third quarter, we believe our continued emphasis on distinctive promotions that drive traffic, loyalty and check - in concert with our unique quality and customer service experience - will improve sales over the long run," Hudson said.
During filming, as many as several puppeteers may work fine facial and body movements in concert on a single puppet, reacting to actors' cues and movements.
The Navigation Bar works alone, or in concert with the Documents Drawer, to provide an alternate interface for switching between documents in a window while conserving screen real estate.
Looking like a munchkin with his white fringe beard, Sanders in concert has been known to travel from ``Evolution'' and ``Afro Blue'' to ``Misty'' and ``Body and Soul.
Using decision rules set in concert with the biller, APS, CheckFree and BillMatrix will be able to direct these accounts to guaranteed funds methods, such as ATM cards or cash at the walk-in location, that limit the billers' exposure and cost.