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the trait of acting suddenly on impulse without reflection

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It would be to the benefit of the country and his government if Anastasiades uses his recuperation time to ponder these failings of his presidency and think of ways of reining in his impulsiveness which is anything but a wise advisor.
According to the researchers from the University of Murcia, the greater the level of impulsiveness in kids, the greater is the alteration brain connectivity connections.
Her bubbling impulsiveness does the trick - the grip of the arm for one, the pat on the back for another, the word of praise for another, and the smile for all.
Preterm infants face an increased risk of behavioral problems, ranging from impulsiveness and distractibility to more serious conditions like autism and ADHD.
The Kurdish political movement has so far acted wisely by not falling into the trap of impulsiveness and waiting for the dust to settle.
Researchers also considered students' impulsiveness and sensation seeking, along with cell phone use while driving and simultaneous use of multiple media.
Obama insists reaction to Boston bombs was 'adequately hysterical' It is understood that Obama wants to avoid looking level-headed and calm at a time when there is so much pressure on him to show impulsiveness and a 'let's go get 'em' attitude.
spatial context and the context of social interactions), consumer impulsiveness and compulsiveness, neuroscientific explanations of consumer choice, and evolutionary and ecological perspectives on consumer behavior.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Findings of a new study revealed that cell phone and instant messaging addictions are driven by materialism and impulsiveness and can be compared to consumption pathologies like compulsive buying and credit card misuse.
There is a wide variety of possible symptoms but common ones are: Social withdrawal, Anti-social behaviour, Bad manners, Apathy, self-neglect, Impulsiveness, Inability to find words, Problems with planning, Taking risks, Lack of awareness that anything is wrong, Repetitive behaviour and/or speech.
Neuro disorder ADHD affects up to 12% of children, causing impulsiveness and poor concentration.
These negative evaluations of impulse buying behaviors originate from psychological studies of impulsiveness that characterize impulse behaviors as signs of immaturity and lacking of behavioral control (Levy, 1976; Solnick et al.
But their arrogance and impulsiveness have led the situation to reach this stage and all bridges of communications with the other parties were completely cut off," Raad said.
Using groundbreaking technology, the researchers at Cardiff University found there is a direct link between someone's impulsiveness and the levels of a substance called GABA in a certain part of their brain.
Those with certain variations in the GABRA2 gene were more likely to have alcohol dependence symptoms and higher measures of impulsiveness in response to distress, the study found.