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the trait of acting suddenly on impulse without reflection

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USA], Nov 1 ( ANI ): Preschoolers who speak two languages show less impulsiveness than their monolingual peers, a recent study has suggested.
The growth in recent years of research within the area of psychobiological processes underlying the addictive process have highlighted the importance of personality variables of a temperamental character such as impulsiveness or sensation-seeking.
As the International Institute for Strategic Studies coyly put it after the Tomahawk strike: "If it appears that Trump is on the way to reaching an appropriate policy equilibrium, his impulsiveness, ignorance of international affairs, unsystematic nature, native contrariness and 'transactional' disposition probably preclude the coalescence of a distinctive 'Trump doctrine.
In some cases, adolescents with greater impulsiveness and CU traits who reside in disadvantaged neighbourhoods show significantly higher levels of aggressive and violent criminal behaviours (e.
When their children were assessed at five, those who were persistently exposed to paracetamol performed worse in tests measuring inattention, impulsiveness and visual speed processing.
All the elements of the previous books are present again--the eye-catching cover, the illustrations, our daring and intrepid heroine and her loyal friends, including Rose who provides balance to Violet's impulsiveness.
But the association between marijuana and money troubles remained after accounting for childhood poverty, IQ, teenage delinquency and depression, impulsiveness, self-reported motivation to succeed in life, pot-related criminal convictions and abuse of alcohol and other drugs on top of frequent marijuana use.
The present study was designed to investigate the predictive relationship between impulsiveness and behavioral addiction.
One such study suggested that consumers under the age of 35 are more prone to exhibit buying impulsiveness than older consumers (Bellenger, Robertson, & Hirschman, 1978).
Company officials say retailers should deliver differentiated experiences by offering ready-made or easy-to-make meal solutions as a way to drive loyalty and store preference, as well as cater to Millennials' impulsiveness.
Level of impulsivity was assessed by Barratt Impulsiveness Scale (BIS-11) constructed by Barratt Copyright (1995).
ADHD is a condition blamed for severe and frequent bouts of inattention, hyperactivity or impulsiveness, often leading to problems in socializing and education.
For instance, Patton, Stanford, and Barratt (1995) proposed that it has the following three components: (1) attentional impulsiveness (not focusing on the task at hand); (2) motor impulsiveness (acting on the spur of the moment or without thinking); and (3) non-planning impulsiveness (not planning and thinking carefully about the future).