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Synonyms for impulsion

a force that moves something along


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the act of applying force suddenly

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Il est imperatif, selon Ferroukhi, de donner une impulsion a cette filiere fragilisee ces deux dernieres annees par les effets des crises engendrees par la fievre aphteuse et la secheresse.
Dans une declaration a la presse, Mme Afailal a indique avoir presente les differents axes de cooperation bilaterale au chef du gouvernement senegalais [beaucoup moins que]qui va donner une impulsion a cette cooperation technique[beaucoup plus grand que].
In addition, the cleaning cycle is comprised of several independent steps to reduce the required capacity of the impulsion pump and thereby reduce water consumption.
Additional marks are also awarded for submission, rider, paces and impulsion bringing the top score to 300.
The PETRONAS Chairman, meanwhile, asserted his company's readiness to increase oil production in the coming period, adding that the visit of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the PETRONAS to Sudan comes within the framework of impulsion of the joint cooperation between the Ministry of Oil and PETRONAS.
The implementation of the European bioeconomy occurs under the impulsion of entrepreneurs (ranging from carbon-based industries to farmers and foresters) and political authorities, assisted by knowledge workers (R&D).
La loi sur les banques participatives donnera une nouvelle impulsion au financement alternatif et permettra d'encadrer les banques participatives, a affirme, samedi a Rabat, le ministre delegue charge du Transport, Mohamed Najib Boulif.
Le stimulateur va creer une impulsion electrique qui permettra au coeur de battre a une frequence reguliere.
Part of the funds are for Construccion de la Red de Impulsion y del Sistema de Bombeo a los Tanques Nuevos de Burunga.
THEINSIDER Gwen Davies A: The possibility of creating characters who share an impulsion, that is to escape their current circumstances.
It is available in two versions, Impulsion designed for Twingo and Clio, and Impulsion+ for sportier models.
Come and watch professional riders pitting their skills against one another, creating rhythm, balance and impulsion in their horses to clear awesome fences, set at demanding distances.
Rhizomous structure enables horses to hook their back feet in and therefore produces a strong impulsion going forward.
We've lacked impulsion, struggling to gain ground, struggling to break out when the shackles are put on.
L'ambition de la rE[umlaut]union: allier assise technologique et financiE re des entreprises et impulsion politique des maires.