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attack as false or wrong

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Not being able to impugn her beauty, they attacked her costume.
It is not for ME'--Mr Podsnap pointed 'me' forcibly, as adding by implication though it may be all very well for YOU--'it is not for me to impugn the workings of Providence.
Given the line of questioning which essentially impugns Gadon rather than eliciting facts, ito ang nagpapatagal sa atin (this is the one delaying us),' Umali told reporters on Wednesday.
Criticism of the logical andbehavioural consequencesof certain Islamic ideas (eg,martyrdom, jihad, blasphemy, etc) impugns white converts to Islam - every bit as it does Arabs and Asians.
This is shocking and disastrous news and impugns the lawyers' image and trust.
The appeal impugns an order passed by a single bench of SHC comprising Justice Soofia Latif in suit 735 / 2001 praying to the court to call record and proceedings of the suit to ascertain the correctness, legality and propriety of the impugned order where in ban on transfer of disputed land was lifted.
Lord Carloway pointed out no objection had been raised at trial and said he would issue a decision within two weeks, adding: "He impugns the verdict of the jury.