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attack as false or wrong

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The charges, which include slander, contempt and impugning the dignity of the head of state, carry a fine and imprisonment of two months to one year.
Apparently, the defense of "democratic" patriotism will require impugning the patriotism of Americans who express misgivings about damage done to our constitutional system by the war effort.
Man deserves punishment for the Fall because he had the power to do otherwise (as Skulsky argues in his defense of free will), but the nature of the punishment "vindicates God's justice by impugning his love.
Glenn Christenson, the Company's executive vice president and chief financial officer, said "We are very disappointed that the Union has decided to continue their reckless tactics in the press of falsely impugning the integrity of our Company.
Articles 170 and 171 reinforce this reading as they speak of the prescriptive period within which the husband or any of his heirs should file the action impugning the legitimacy of said child.
Summary: The Publications Court in Beirut charged Free Patriotic Movement official Adonis Akra, a political science professor at Balamand University, of impugning the reputation of the Lebanese Army and the judiciary in his book entitled "When my Name Became 16.
A tall, neatly dressed man who bears a strong resemblance to actor James Caan, he once calmed down a knife-wielding employee who threatened to kill a co-worker for supposedly impugning his honor.