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attack as false or wrong

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He further observed that the impugned notification/ policy put at stake future of the petitioner and many other candidates who wanted to complete their education at a later stage of their age.
She said she applied for admission in a private college, but was denied admission on the basis of the impugned policy/notification of the government issued on July 20, 2016.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa impugned the judgment of Peshawar High Court dated December
While passing the impugned order, he said, the court has not kept in view even the minimum safeguards as to rule out the possibility of tutoring, coaching and prompting of the prosecution witnesses and has felt satisfied and contended with the examination of the witnesses through video link in the high commission without any representation of either of the parties.
Whereas according to him in cases where the insurance company has any claim against the policy holder then they can file a civil suit before the Civil Court having territorial and pecuniary jurisdiction and according to him the Insurance Company has no jurisdiction to agitate the grievance before the Insurance Tribunal, so he has jurisdiction to agitate the grievance before the Insurance Tribunal, so he has contended that the impugned orders by the two courts below merits to be set aside and further according to him the other provisions of the Insurance Ordinance 2000 such as section 127(1).
The Parliamentary Service Commission says the SRC decision in the impugned Gazette Notice is unreasonable and ignored the law.
First, his Honour questioned whether it was appropriate to apply each of the three components of the proportionality test in all cases, irrespective of the nature and degree of the burden imposed by the impugned law on the implied freedom.
He further said that the impugned amendments had been issued after the election schedule of the LG elections.
Through the impugned order, the appellant has been directed to pay a sum of Rs.
The impugned order rendered on May 21, 2012, by the judicial magistrate of Una is quashed and set aside.
He said the impugned ordinance was not only in violation of Article 225 of the Constitution but was also result of use of force.
The notice added, "Without payment of the impugned toll charges, the goods carriage cannot use the said road and hence, the transporter cannot provide the impugned services of a goods transport agency without paying toll charges.
He said: "In writing this impugned policy, the NILSC has strayed beyond creating a guide as to how they will use their statutorily granted discretion, and have instead fundamentally changed the nature and extent of the discretion they will apply to cost claims submitted late.
5 -- The Writ application before the Court of Appeal filed by former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka challenging the impugned decision of the 1st Court Martial to cashier him was on Thursday (4) put off for September 12.
The Impugned Order held that TPL tied-in (distinct products of) insurance coverage for travel agents' default liability towards International Air Transport Association ('IATA') with the travel and health/accident insurance for passengers and thereby abused its dominant position in the relevant market in violation of Section 3 of the Competition Ordinance, 2010.