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when there is some idea of being resuscitated, you say he's a scoundrel, an impudent fellow, a miser, a bad master
Yet still I wore on my face an impudent smile as I gazed at him.
Some praises proceed merely of flattery; and if he be an ordinary flatterer, he will have certain common attributes, which may serve every man; if he be a cunning flatterer, he will follow the archflatterer, which is a man's self; and wherein a man thinketh best of himself, therein the flatterer will uphold him most: but if he be an impudent flatterer, look wherein a man is conscious to himself, that he is most defective, and is most out of countenance in himself, that will the flatterer entitle him to perforce, spreta conscientia.
Her professions of attachment were now as disgusting as her excuses were empty, and her demands impudent.
And he suffered enough from brazenly meddlesome and self-seeking folk, from impudent and inquisitive intruders, to justify some suspicion of old acquaintances suddenly styling themselves old friends, and of distant connections newly and unduly eager to claim relationship.
His nose was broad and flat, and he had high cheek bones; his thin lips were constantly compressed into an impudent, ironical--it might almost be called a malicious--smile; but his forehead was high and well formed, and atoned for a good deal of the ugliness of the lower part of his face.
A red-faced man with large whiskers, and most impudent in his manner.
It is you who are impudent," said Eureka, "for accusing me of such a crime when you can't prove it except by guessing.
While the monarch and his friends listened in amazement to this impudent speech, a startling thing happened.
I mean when that impudent master at the school showed his suspicions of me.
Was there ever anything so impudent and so inhuman?
She was a dreadful woman, with a flushed, fiery face and impudent, bright eyes.
If there were any shifting, rock-colored Nomes on the mountain side now, they were silent and respectful, for our adventurers were not annoyed, as before, by their impudent laughter.
She has informed me that a person named Silvester, an impudent adventuress--"
Lady Janet was, most unluckily, present when this impudent opinion was delivered at the bedside.