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in an imprudent manner

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The brother, on his arrival in England, had imprudently placed himself in the power of Latimer and of his associate, whose name was Wilson Kemp--that through his ignorance of the language he was helpless in their hands, had kept him a prisoner, and had endeavored by cruelty and starvation to make him sign away his own and his sister's property.
D'Artagnan, my good Porthos, D'Artagnan is coming, and will detail it to you in all its circumstances; but, excuse me, I am deeply grieved, I am bowed down with mental anguish, and I have need of all my presence of mind, all my powers of reflection, to extricate you from the false position in which I have so imprudently involved you; but nothing can be more clear, nothing more plain, than your position, henceforth.
It is enough for me to know in my own heart that I am not going to--' having imprudently got into a sentence without providing a way out of it, Miss Lavinia was constrained to close with 'going to it'.
You know, madame, how suddenly I snatched him from those phials which he so imprudently touched?
I told him how imprudently his brother had managed himself, in making himself so public; for that if he had kept it a secret, as such a thing out to have been, I could but have denied him positively, without giving any reason for it, and he would in time have ceased his solicitations; but that he had the vanity, first, to depend upon it that I would not deny him, and then had taken the freedom to tell his resolution of having me to the whole house.
You are the gentleman residing on Clapham Green,' resumed Bantam, 'who lost the use of his limbs from imprudently taking cold after port wine; who could not be moved in consequence of acute suffering, and who had the water from the king's bath bottled at one hundred and three degrees, and sent by wagon to his bedroom in town, where he bathed, sneezed, and the same day recovered.
LAWLESSNESS was being promoted by PML-N itself which imprudently created unnecessary clashes between votes and institutions empowered by Constitution of Pakistan itself.
I would have been disappointed if the minister had imprudently jumped into the fray.
The VACC said Aquino and his fellow respondents 'anomalously and illegally funded and procured the Dengvaxia vaccine and ill-advisedly, thoughtlessly and imprudently implemented the dengue immunization' project of the DOH.
The VACC and the VPCI are also calling for the dismissal from service of the respondents for grave misconduct and gross negligence for "ill-advisedly, thoughtlessly, and imprudently implementing" the school-based dengue vaccination program.
And then we imprudently ask where we went wrong when we hear stories of Qandeels and Mukhtars.
Qassemi said that there has been no new development in the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, adding, "Saudi Arabia pursues issues carelessly and imprudently and continues its past mistakes with regard to neighbors.
The danger is that 2017's synchronised global expansion continues into 2018, and that central banks respond imprudently.
Those who imprudently drank water--the one item there was plenty of aside from people--lined up to use portable toilets for over an hour.
Uncharacteristically, it had imprudently advanced consumer and personal finance loans in the go-go years between 2005 and 2009, which had turned bad; the losses threatened to bring down the group's reputation, if not the group itself.