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Synonyms for imprudent

Synonyms for imprudent

Antonyms for imprudent

not prudent or wise

lacking wise self-restraint

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Elton is a very good sort of man, and a very respectable vicar of Highbury, but not at all likely to make an imprudent match.
Elton might not be of an imprudent, inconsiderate disposition as to money matters; he might naturally be rather attentive than otherwise to them; but then, Mr.
Liaqat Baloch that the forces ruling the Pakistan of the Quaid e Azam had created innumerable problems for the country and the nation because of their wrong policies on domestic and internal fronts, unconstitutional steps and imprudent economic policies.
When I quit college to go on the road as a musician, I was being imprudent.
However, even if I were wrong, PS22bn spread across 444 authorities, that includes fire and police authorities as well as the Greater London Authority, is not a great amount and with further cuts still to come it would be imprudent not to have substantial reserves.
Imprudent King is organized similarly to Parker's first biography, but the text is thoroughly rewritten and expanded.
Appearing in The Social Science Journal, Meldrum's study is based on data he collected from 750 adults across the United States to determine whether imprudent airline passenger behavior might be explained by certain demographic and personality traits.
Renata de Boulay : Il serait imprudent de negliger ses chances cette fois, car retrouvant le grand driver A.
Although sending the case back to the lower courts to decide whether or not Edison and the fiduciaries had breached their fiduciary duty in connection with the 1999 investments, the Supreme Court ruled that ERISA imposes an ongoing duty to monitor investments and remove imprudent ones.
The original lawsuit claiming that selection of the funds was imprudent was not filed by the plaintiff participants until 2007.
Those two circuit courts have held that ERISA imposes a continuing fiduciary duty to review plan investments and eliminate imprudent ones.
banks, have contributed to excessive and imprudent risk-taking in the banking sector which has led in turn to the failure of
He says that in the past 40 years the US population has increased to more than 300 million and that this is due mostly to "an imprudent immigration policy.
No matter how disastrous their various judgments proved to be for their bank and its employees, regardless of how much money was lost as a result of their imprudent behaviour, they seemed to have escaped retribution and have managed it with pensions intact.
IMPRUDENT DRIVING It is not just old dogs who devise new tricks.