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perform without preparation

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Notwithstanding Wolterstorff's insistence that to improvize is not to compose, it appears that such a corollary is highly unpalatable in a vast variety of cases.
All the movements are free, all the movements are to the individual; and if the individual does not know when to execute a movement,or how to respond to a movement, then the individual should improvize quickly or suffer the consequences.
Every few minutes, though, one of the barefoot men steps forward to improvize for a few seconds, in a dialogue of movement with the percussionists.
He schedules her performances, makes appointments and takes care of everything so that she is free to improvize.
There is also the sheer physicality of the Australian experience that is so pervasive: the glitter and sleaze of Kings Cross; the grandeur of Kings Canyon; the redness of the Queensland dust; the lucidity of the Perth sunlight, the aqua blue of Sydney Harbour and the sails of the Opera House (financed through a lottery); Melbourne's bewilderingly fused aroma of freshly roasted Italian coffee, Vietnamese mint, Chinese dim sum, Greek pastries, and meat pies; the sparkle of everyday life, and the wine-scented taste of friendship flowering in the sun, as well as the aroma of the forest-oak -- these are a few of our 'Favourite Things' around which we improvize life, art, and science.
Detailed ethnographic studies are needed to illuminate the ways in which people improvize, communicate and negotiate within expanded activity systems.