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getting higher or more vigorous


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Methods of improving university education were investigated.
The SSS program is directed at students' day-to-day development and the implementation and monitoring of skills and strategies aimed at improving their academic and social competence.
Resilient nature of spheres allows deformation without breakage, thereby improving impact resistance and reducing stress.
Motorola executives soon turned their attention toward quality improvement and, in 1986, launched its Six Sigma Quality program, a highly successful method of improving products and services.
Global competition has led paper mills to seek vital competitive advantages by improving performance without major capital investment.
They are redefining all aspects from the flow of information to the interaction of citizens and healthcare organizations in improving business processes to quality of patient care.
Toward this end, Honda will improve overall engine efficiency by improving combustion efficiency and reducing energy losses.
Pervasive has revamped its SQL engine and expanded syntax support, dramatically improving database performance across SQL access mechanisms, including ADO.
An analysis of the FY2005 budget indicates that knowledge management spending is more diversified at the department level than in previous years, placing more emphasis on consolidating systems and improving inter/intra-agency knowledge sharing.
The business objective was to develop a real time strategy for consistently improving and controlling overall PR productivity (costs), ROI, and effectiveness in reaching and influencing GEA's target consumer, customer and investor segments.
Tools for improving financial performance under PPS
When blended with conventional elastomers or used as the sole elastomer component, ULV products improve processing by lowering compound viscosity, improving flow and surface properties in calendered, extruded and molded products.
Early efforts at improving quality were undertaken in the 1970s, when the potential for improvement was realized by social scientists and the professional standards review organizations (PSROs) debuted in 1973.
Its primary responsibilities include developing and supporting innovative national, State, and local programs to control drug-related crime and violence, improving the operation of the criminal and juvenile justice systems, and providing assistance to crime victims.
The new Development Center will assist Elkem's North American plants in improving the computer control of Elkem's processes and will work closely with the company's facilities in the production of new alloys.
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