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Synonyms for improvident

Synonyms for improvident

not provident

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not given careful consideration

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As to an individual, ma'am,' said Bitzer, dropping his voice and drawing nearer, 'he is as improvident as any of the people in this town.
How do you reconcile that, with this young lady's being a weak- spirited, improvident idiot, not knowing what was due to herself, flinging up her money to the church-weathercocks, and racing off at a splitting pace for the workhouse?
Although in later times it has been a very different place from the sink of filth and dirt it once was, even its improved condition holds out but little temptation to the extravagant, or consolation to the improvident.
The calculations and analysis of shortsighted, improvident and lustful Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and other people of his tribe lose its credibility when compared with the historical realities, Gilani said.
17, 2015 /PRNewswire/-- American consumers are more improvident than ever, according to numbers released in a recent study conducted by the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Despite the failure to notify the board or the NCUA, the court concluded that taking corrective actions to minimize the risk of loss on improvident loans is not conduct contrary to accepted standards of banking operations which might result in an abnormal risk to a banking institution," Alabama One wrote.
Van Buren said that spending on such projects "was sure in the end to impoverish the National Treasury by improvident grants to private companies and State works, and to corrupt Federal legislation by the opportunities it would present for favoritism.
The purpose of this deadline is to allow the County time to correct any term or condition in this RFP an contract that may be unlawful, improvident, unduly restrictive of competition, or otherwise inappropriate.
The 'bail-out' approach employed by the Federal government, whereby improvident consumers and regulators whose decadence brought our economy to near-calamitous proportions were rescued by an exigent national bail-out, provides a unique, albeit maladroit, solution to our ailing health care system.
It dramatizes the consequences of our improvident modern economy in the way George Orwell's novel awakened people to the "Big Brother" mentality of Soviet communism.
Oh, it's true, he was a very imperfect fellow, lazy, self-indulgent, liable to play fast and loose with the truth, improvident, given to sudden, fierce outbursts of anger, and a well-intentioned but erratic parent.
However, a crisis is a product of accumulated anomalies in an economy like structural mishaps, improvident policies, loose regulations, shortsighted politicians, greedy investors, bubbly assets and aggregated irrational decisions by the economy's agents, from mere consumers to complex conglomerates.
Companies and organizations typically insist on morality clauses to protect their reputation and interests from being affected by the improvident conduct of people with whom they have contracted.
Thailand's formerly strong rice sector, a major pillar of the economy, has been hit by questionable and improvident subsidy policies introduced by the current government to keep farmers loyal, with the Prime Minister openly admitting in parliament on November 27 that during her tenure she never attended meetings of the strategically important National Rice Policy Committee although she is the chairwoman.
Unemployed, uneducated youth are at greater risk for criminality and incarceration, and they often go on to become unreliable spouses and improvident parents.
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