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Synonyms for improvident

Synonyms for improvident

not provident

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not given careful consideration

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He removed his cap and wig, for the air was warm, and an improvident impulse made him cast the latter object overboard.
How do you reconcile that, with this young lady's being a weak- spirited, improvident idiot, not knowing what was due to herself, flinging up her money to the church-weathercocks, and racing off at a splitting pace for the workhouse?
How a man, even among this improvident and impracticable race; an old man; a man grown grey; can look a New Year in the face, with his affairs in this condition; how he can lie down on his bed at night, and get up again in the morning, and--There
Each House of Congress has full discretionary authority to formulate, adopt, and promulgate its own rules; the exercise of this power is generally exempt from judicial supervision and interference, except on a clear showing of such arbitrary and improvident use of the power such as would constitute a denial of due process.
It said the Senate and the House had 'full discretionary authority to formulate, adopt and promulgate its own rules,' a legislative power 'generally exempt from judicial supervision and interference' save for 'a clear showing of such arbitrary and improvident use of the power.
However, the SC noted it can only intervene when there is a clear showing of such arbitrary and improvident use of the power, such as would constitute a denial of due process.
6013(b) and determined that the provision was originally intended to provide flexibility to taxpayers in switching from a proper, though perhaps improvident, initial filing of a separate return to a potentially more advantageous filing of a joint return.
The improvident extension of martial law and the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus against remnants of terrorist groups is akin to killing a fly with a sledgehammer," he said.
Jacalyn Davis, representing Mel B, spoke of their tax problems, saying they were "sustained through improvident lifestyle choices".
The divorcing couple have considerable tax debts "sustained through improvident lifestyle choices", a US judge was told.
In Locke's view, nature and God are improvident, at best.
The purpose of this deadline is to allow the County time to correct any term or condition in this RFP and/or contract that may be unlawful, improvident, unduly restrictive of competition, or otherwise inappropriate.
He was improvident and reckless, leaving what would have been a very damaging paper trail had any of those missives been discovered .
But it has long run up against a Victorian belief that the poor are improvident and likely to waste money on alcohol, tobacco and gambling.
Shall we say that they are improvident, thriftless, intemperate?
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