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a lack of prudence and care by someone in the management of resources

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Stephen even shifts to an ecological explanation for the poverty and starvation afflicting the man's family, blaming them on the lateness of the caribou, rather than on improvidence, as before.
The energy investors' group, which was commenting in an emailed statement, added that any practical difficulties resulting from "either improvidence or bad practices of the past" need to be resolved via dialogue and consensually, instead of through arbitrary and illegal decisions.
In the most spectacular example of improvidence, 54-year-old Larraine blows an entire month's worth of food stamps on a single meal of lobster tails, shrimp, crab and lemon meringue pie, washed down with Pepsi.
The UPA government was a passionate over-spender and borrower; the NDA government, whether it sticks to its plan of controlling the fiscal deficit or not, is less devoted to improvidence.
No dome can protect us from our own profligacy and improvidence, nor can any number of hydroponic lettuce farms blunt the damage being done to real nature, or what is left of it, on planet Earth.
42) Similarly, Victor Brudney and Marvin Chirelstein called it a "last-ditch check on management improvidence," (43) and Melvin A.
It is easy to believe that we live (and prosper) under a basically beneficent system, that the misfortunes of those who (unlike ourselves) fail to prosper under it are either the result of their own improvidence or the inevitable consequences of an imperfect world, and that if we tinker more than incrementally with the system, unimaginable disasters will ensue.
Her improvidence, according to Harmachis ("being ever wasteful, she was ever in want of money" [Cleopatra 78]) smothers any respect for the sanctity of a hallowed site.
In the exercise of the war and treaty powers, the United States overcame the Indians and took possession of their lands, sometimes by force, leaving them an uneducated, helpless and dependent people, needing protection against the selfishness of others and their own improvidence.
In order for a transaction judge to be set aside on the grounds that it is unconscionable, two things need to be shown: (1) an inequality of bargaining power or the incapacity of one party to protect their interests; and (2) grossly unfair improvidence or a gain at another's expense.
24) Alehouse ballads, however, were a Lanfiere speciality; he 'seems to have loved well the utterance of warnings against improvidence and excess in tavern-haunting", having, Ebsworth guessed, 'purchased his experience at the harsh school where such good lessons are taught'.
Gambling represents hazardous consumption, and impacts economic relations in that it is associated with idleness and improvidence.
23) Though it is difficult to know just how much Rowland and his readers would have been aware of the actual events that inspired the episode, its presence situates the protagonist in relation to the audacious improvidence of Carlos Vs reign.
Tobin writes that "also suggestive of the improvidence of their aspiration and accomplishment is the Buendia habit of making and breaking, of building only to take apart" (170).
The report warns that allotment will not work overnight: 'Idleness, improvidence, ignorance, and superstition cannot by law be transformed into industry, thrift, intelligence, and Christianity speedily ' (Secretary of Interior 1887, p.