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Then, they watched these videos as a self-modeling tool to improve their instructions.
The "Seven Keys" to mastering any course: In this segment of each lesson, students share progress toward previously set goals, share successful strategies, and look for patterns and connections to improve their academic performance before developing goals and action plans for the coming week.
In reinforced PP and PE compounds, Fusabond anhydride-grafted polyolefin modifiers improve toughness by increasing adhesion between reinforcements and the resin matrix.
Taiichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo of Toyota devised the system to improve the process of the manufacturing of automobiles.
Biocides improve machine performance by killing biological activity and keeping the machine clean, resulting in fewer boilouts and reduced downtime.
Antelope Valley High School and Wilsona Elementary School in Lake Los Angeles were among the first six schools in the state to face more serious sanctions because their test scores have failed to improve consistently.
Improve the effectiveness of government organizations and departments
Honda will continue to expand application of STR (Self Tuning Regulator) technology which maintains consistent rpm levels regardless of engine load, through a series of engines and aims to improve fuel economy by 15% compared to the level of 2005.
Ultimately, improved information sharing government-wide will in turn help improve security within our borders.
Stable Operations: Consistent, predictable processes to improve what the customer sees and feels.
And, these modifications, although intended to improve the payment system by providing more accurate reimbursement for certain types of SNF patients, may not result in improved financial results for facilities because of limitations in the capability of the payment system to recognize variations in patient costs.
Roberts says the good news is that there are plenty of bright people ready to offer solutions to improve our health care system.
The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), which sponsors research and develops and evaluates new approaches to fight drugs and drug-related crime, as well as to improve the operation and effectiveness of the criminal justice system
The center will also continue its efforts to improve its regular ferroalloy line, such as ferrosilicon and ferromanganese, to meet the challenge of continuous improvement.