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The organization of Congress is itself utterly improper for the exercise of those powers which are necessary to be deposited in the Union.
I am sure if I had known it to be improper, I would not have gone with Mr.
That's a most improper proceeding in a hospital patient.
She asked the infant improper questions, such as "Oo know who gave me this bonnet?
THE members of the School Board in Doosnoswair being suspected of appointing female teachers for an improper consideration, the people elected a Board composed wholly of women.
It may not therefore in this place be improper to apply ourselves to the examination of that modern doctrine, by which certain philosophers, among many other wonderful discoveries, pretend to have found out, that there is no such passion in the human breast.
Alexey Alexandrovitch had seen nothing striking or improper in the fact that his wife was sitting with Vronsky at a table apart, in eager conversation with him about something.
The Audit Committee's supplemental inquiry did find evidence at SFAE of improper timing of recording of inventory markdowns during the fiscal years 1999 and 2001.
Fiscal year 2004 marked the first year that federal agencies governmentwide were required to report improper payment information under the Improper Payments Information Act of 2002 (IPIA).
USC junior wide receiver Mike Bastianelli already served a two-game suspension after admitting that he received improper assistance from a tutor during his freshman year.
The allegations that there was improper White House or DNC (Democratic National Committee) influence and that I was a conduit for that influence are demonstrably false,'' Babbitt told the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.
The improper payments and guilty plea are limited to DePu and its activities in the Peoples Republic of China, but the Company's remedial efforts include expanded Company-wide FCPA and ethics policies and procedures.
The Improper Payments Information Act of 2002 requires that agencies annually review all their programs and activities and identify those that may be susceptible to significant improper payments.
The university submitted paper work last weekend and is awaiting word on whether the NCAA will accept Bastianelli's two-game suspension after the junior admitted receiving improper assistance from a tutor on a political science paper during his freshman year.