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Synonyms for impromptu

Synonyms for impromptu

spoken, performed, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought

something improvised

Synonyms for impromptu

an extemporaneous speech or remark

Related Words

a short musical passage that seems to have been made spontaneously without advance preparation

with little or no preparation or forethought

without advance preparation

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Strong impromptu speaking skills have become extremely important in today's world of social media and 24-hour news.
A woodland visit to enjoy the peak of fireflies is no longer guesswork; we can announce an impromptu program with every confidence that the fireflies will be magnificent.
We give speeches, get feedback from fellow members and get to practice impromptu speaking," he said.
Looking causal for her impromptu performance, the brunette wore a loose fitting grey T-shirt with the word Happy emblazoned across it and a pair of navy trousers.
15pm Tickets: PS7 A selection of impromptu but beautiful piano music to entertain lunchtime visitors to the Cardiff- based conservatoire.
com)-- Impromptu Guru, a communication consulting firm, just announced the downloadable release of its new video series, 60 Second Guru.
Bunnymen Gordie and of Truth impromptu showcase shoppers.
Summary: The Duchess of Cornwall has taken an impromptu walk along the Mall to greet Royal wedding fans.
Those shortlisted went into a round of impromptu speaking (1-2 minutes).
In Preaching the Inward Light, Michael Graves marshals his expertise and interest in rhetoric and religion to focus on the theory and practice of seventeenth-century Quaker impromptu preaching, i.
Mr Jones said: "The use of the inflatable device was an impromptu idea which came from a local officer, which would have helped to reduce the likelihood of a serious injury should this gentleman have fallen.
In the carefully-scripted world of showbiz, impromptu walkabouts, meetings with PR gurus and sexy makeovers usually only add up to one thing: KISS AND TELL.
Speaking games followed by impromptu activities and then progressing to some specific speech activities will make this experience less stressful.
Oh, yes, never mind swine flu, it's those impromptu activities that'll get the little ones every time.
Portuguese architects Impromptu Arquitectos were selected from more than 100 entrants who took part in the international "Make Me a Home" competition to transform Tees Valley Regeneration's flagship project.