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a learning process in early life whereby species specific patterns of behavior are established

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After experiencing a steady increase in work being outsourced to digital providers, the need to bring digital production in house was apparent to Brad Kessler, key member of the leadership team at Imprinting.
First the Kobayashi group [19-22 26 27] had introduced imprinting via phase separation starting with a solution containing the copolymer and the template; same approach has also been used for instance by the Drioli group [24 25].
Exceptions to this generalization were found in fibroadenoma, it required less pressure for imprinting and also the imprints were more cellular than other benign imprints.
Genomic imprinting provides an additional layer of regulation that does just that.
The new PROSPER Imprinting System will be integrated into ColorDynamics workflow so that it can be positioned and mounted on either its HARRIS M1000 eight-color full commercial web press or a HARRIS M300 six-color commercial web press.
This comparative analysis of mammalian species would be useful information for the study of genomic imprinting in mammals.
The general principle of molecular imprinting is as follows: (1) Specific complex formed based on (non)-covalent bonding interactions between template molecule and polymerizable functional monomer in an apolar and aprotic solvent before polymerization by assembling the functional monomers around the template molecule; (2) A rigid and porous copolymer yields in the presence of crosslinker and initiator; (3) The distinct cavities remains in the copolymer with the removal of the target template, which is tailor-made complementary to the template molecule in size, shape and functionality.
Studies have linked a loss of imprinting to some diseases, including cancer.
In generics, imprinting describes the condition where one of the two alleles of a typical gene pair is silenced by an epigenetic process such as methylation or acetylation.
Products: Premium quality heavy-duty hitchpin with name or logo imprinted on plastisol-coated head and handle; plastisol and imprinting available in a variety of colors
Most likely, they followed him because of behavioral imprinting.
is offering custom imprinting for its molded ring-binder chartholders.
Steven Zimmerman, professor of chemistry, says that the team's accomplishment is the first example of molecular imprinting in which a single molecular template is imprinted into a single macromolecule--a highly branched polymer called a dendrimer.