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Headquartered in London, England, Imprimatur Capital has invested in companies in Europe, Russia and the Asia Pacific region and elsewhere, in sectors including enterprise software, electronics, medical technology, homeland security and wireless/mobile.
Yes, based on what's happening now because this scandal will not happen without the President's imprimatur.
Overlong Canadian production may prove too clinically distanced for gorehounds and too yucky for specialty ands, though the Cronenberg imprimatur is sure to stir theatrical interest.
His prowess for identifying undervalued properties and permitting us to imbue such assets with the RFR imprimatur has led to a nearly two-decade long successful track record on our behalf.
He said: "If a Fine Gael source was in touch with the papers, and I would hope they were not, it was done without my imprimatur or that of the Fine Gael front bench.
Ed Shalom, a 27-year Valencia resident, said he believes the banners are a misuse of city funds, with the city's seal lending an official imprimatur and implied over-all support for the candidate's views.
I fail to understand how the Imprimatur could have been given to it in so important a matter, without sound doctrine.
Kaltenbach's work haunts current art procedures: Where Tino Sehgal stridently authorizes and controls "his" immateriality by relying on institutional imprimatur to publicize and textually materialize his investment in signatory ego, notoriety, and recognition, Kaltenbach has always been more interested in circulating ideas--literally--on the free market, unsigned.
This collection of some 9,000 quotations has been assembled by a team of thirty-seven contributors and is given an imprimatur by Simon Schama.
Ham/Hamilton Laughlin's famous characterization of poor southern whites, though stated in the 1925 case that eventually gave constitutional imprimatur to the compulsory sterilization of the "unfit," reflected the attitudes of many southern Sunday school advocates.
Now that Beck's is going to be a stand-alone Interbrew unit, the company wanted to put its imprimatur on BNA.
The Flying Dutchmen were involved in what I consider to be some of the most important literary and artistic activities in Houston during the 1980s and '90s-and their imprimatur remains to this day a valuable part of that city's small but vocal "Orwellian" legacy.
Basically the governor has put the imprimatur of the state on the notion that we will not discriminate," said Democratic state senator Ernesto Scorsone, who first suggested the move to Patton.