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the act of coercing someone into government service


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The volume of seizures and impressments threw American maritime commerce into a state of crisis.
161) The Militia Act of July 17, 1862, changed this by authorizing impressment into military service of the United States those persons drafted from state militias under the Act.
The Evil Necessity: British Naval Impressment in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World.
14) When a new round of impressment required bearing loads to Morogoro, a site about 150 miles away, the clergyman argued that this filled the people with despair, and made them lose their faith because they "dread[ed] dying away from their land and friends, and this has entered into their hearts throughout the country.
40) Taylor uses these episodes to allude to an irony of history: during a war started because of their impressment of Americans, the British Empire and Crown--not the newly formed democracy of the United States--found themselves on the right side of liberty and equality for all men.
Written by award winning children's author Donna McDine, "Powder Monkey" is a thumbnail sketch of the impressment experience of 12-year-old Tommy Kitt who was taken by force with his older brother from his parents' farm by a Royal Navy press gang to serve as a powder monkey and ship boy in a battleship at sea.
Yet these modern advancements contrasted with the recruiting needs of the NVA which required harsh impressment tactics to build the necessary manpower to launch the North Vietnamese invasion.
I had come to London primarily to correlate Admiralty records concerning impressment of American seamen with events that my research had turned up in American sources.
The indexing of impressment, Black Hawk War, Whig Party, and Jean Lafitte directs readers to significant sections of text.
In British law, they were still Britons, and, hence, subject to impressment.
ONE of the most disturbing scenes in the Henriad is Falstaff's unabashedly cynical use of his power of military impressment.
The focus of the article is on Chinese military practices related to this campaign, including military leadership and organization, the impressment and treatment of soldiers, and even what appears to be an ingenious method of identifying soldiers by linking each one to a yangren-a soldier who resembled the other and so could be used for purposes of identification.
anger at impressment of sailors and British trade restrictions as the main causes of the war.
Stagg writes at some length about the impressment of sailors and the restrictions on trade but does not examine in any detail the situation that Britain was in at the time.