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Synonyms for impressive

Synonyms for impressive

exciting a deep, usually somber response

Synonyms for impressive

making a strong or vivid impression

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producing a strong effect

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To this the novice made rejoinder, that he would take the vow, though it should choke him; and it was accordingly administered with many impressive circumstances, among which the lighting up of the two skulls with a candle-end inside of each, and a great many flourishes with the bone, were chiefly conspicuous; not to mention a variety of grave exercises with the blunderbuss and sabre, and some dismal groaning by unseen 'prentices without.
Labour MPs rate Prime Minister Theresa May as a much more impressive Commons performer than their own leader Jeremy Corbyn, a new survey reveals.
A must see - the impressive Colosseum | A must see - the impressive Colosseum
Jan Bengelsdorff on FacebookHe's a very good horse and very impressive win but has no chance against So You Think.
Vocally impressive, she gives her blend of pop ballads and R&B floorfillers an individual Essex-bred stamp that marks her out from US role models.
SAUL DALE hit two as Ormskirk WE earned an impressive 3-0 win over Tarleton Corinthians in the under-9s.
The latest title in the impressive 'New Mexico Magazine Artist Series', Hollis Walker's "Zink: The Language Of Enchantment" showcases the extraordinary career and creations of acclaimed Taos, New Mexico artist Melissa Zink.
The result is an impressive and seminal contribution to the art, creativity, and social changes of American theatre over the past five decades with respect to the gay community.
Papelbon likely finished: Boston Red Sox rookie Jonathan Papelbon, who had an impressive season as a closer, is likely done for the season with a shoulder joint problem.
Having a 77-strong fleet, Emirates' massive expansion - along with one of the most impressive airports in the world - continues to astound.
How did such an impressive community facility come to fruition in such a short period of time?
The CMRA survey also finds equally impressive recycling rates for the two types of recyclers.
In addition to an impressive list of consumer/ retail clients, Hershey has also worked with some of the most prestigious shopping centers in the country including: South Coast Plaza, NorthPark, Houston Galleria, Lenox Square, Country Club Plaza and the Westchester.
Collectables Records is a premier publisher of timeless and technically impressive musically recorded performances by original artists at exceptionally reasonable prices for both the individual music enthusiast and community libraries alike.
Beyond the impressive international selection of films on offer; beyond the happy accident of sitting at a table next to Salma Hayek at a tiny restaurant; beyond the cluster of remarkable films coming out of small independent republics of the former Yugoslavia--my experience of Cannes 2005 was dominated by a decidedly Canadian set of uncertainties.