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Synonyms for impressionistic

tending to bring a memory, mood, or image, for example, subtly or indirectly to mind

Synonyms for impressionistic

relating to or characteristic of Impressionism

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Winter writes in impressionistic strokes that invite the imagination to immerse itself in her world: "Nicole pried herself out from the press of the crowd, all the smells of perfume, perspiration and alcohol, the sweet waft of candy and melting chocolate combining with incense from the nearby apartment building with jack o'lanterns in the windows.
Impressionistic illustrations show him in the urban settings he loved.
The selection is eclectic and the contributions are often impressionistic and personal.
Les Petites Images: Original Piano Solos in Impressionistic Style, by Jennifer Linn.
Decades ago, adventurous record producer Brian Eno made a series of much-discussed "ambient" recordings (such as the impressionistic "Music for Airports") that are reminiscent of "Infant Calm.
Brief airphone and cellphone conversations with people on the ground, coupled with largely impressionistic flight recorder data, offered Greengrass a schematic of the hijacking and the battle to reclaim the cockpit--but the story he has created is his own.
Here is her life, described in episodic, impressionistic style, and an engaging read it is too.
NACo used impressionistic responses from a skewed survey sample to claim "there are more meth-related emergency visits than [visits] for any other drug and the number of these visits has increased substantially over the last five years.
The rhyming verse and colorful, impressionistic art style blend harmoniously, in this story written to boost self-esteem and cultivate wonder for the celebrations of nature.
In the impressionistic picture, the Queen's teeth are on show as she gives a broad smile.
This telephoto image becomes a photograph and an impressionistic painting at the same time.
Many of the early 'motion photographers' were actually artists or photographers who worked at newspapers and were heavily influenced by the painters of that period, including Impressionistic, Realistic, and even the new-style American Ashcan School that focused on urban subject matter and the ways," she says.
Harris, who has been awarded both the MBE and OBE, said: 'I want to get the real person rather than the state image and I'd like to make my painting more impressionistic than photographic.
Macchia tells E, "I try to use real instruments and not recorded nature sounds as I want to create an impressionistic portrait, not a literal one.
It wasn't,"Here's what you'll find in New York" and "This is what Venice looks like," it was more impressionistic.