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Synonyms for impregnation

material with which something is impregnated

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the process of totally saturating something with a substance

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the impregnation dispersion method and the thermal method) used to test the complexing separation effects.
After impregnation, the samples were removed from the PF solutions, and excessive resin on the surface of the samples was removed and left to dry slowly for 1 day at ambient pressure.
Scientists at Texas A&M University evaluated the effects of vacuum impregnation on the textural and chemical quality of fresh blueberries.
X-SLIT is composed of rope squeezer, TOP BRAND detwisting system, manual adjustable opening basket, TOP BRAND cutting system with optic detection of the drop stitch, selvedges opening system with double motorized cylinders, double transport rollers covered by rubber, opening and centering system managed by all - width photocell, impregnation tank and squeezing rollers.
Because higher temperatures can be used, preparation of the battery cells is accelerated by a faster drying process and increased speed of electrolyte impregnation.
It's also evident from the plotted data that the rate of impregnation is strongly influenced by the concentration of the immersion solution.
Magna-Tech Manufacturing is the North American market leader in vacuum impregnation services, with a focus on process center capabilities.
Optimized impregnation ratio and time of application were further investigated for optimum rate of application under field conditions to enhance nodulation, growth and yield of lentil in comparison with recommended mineral phosphatic fertilizer.
As a production planner it is my responsibility to plan three of our major production processes; tongue and groove, Schelling saw and impregnation.
There are many researchers that used various chemicals for impregnation of various agricultural products before it being carbonized.
The introduction of the latest advanced casting impregnation technology into the UK market--now operational and addressing key issues associated with traditional methods--is already generating significant interest from UK manufacturers, particularly precision foundries, machinists and OEM's reliant on pressure tight castings.
Henkel opened its first Asia-Pacific Loctite Impregnation Service Center in Suzhou, China.
Godfrey & Wing's HVLV Impregnation System provides state-of-the-art impregnation technology in the smallest possible footprint and at a capital cost that makes impregnation affordable for any OEM or manufacturer.
With frogs and toads, with one or two exceptions, impregnation of the eggs takes place after they have been extruded by the female, the same as in most of the fishes, but with the tailed Bactrachians as newts (Urodela) the impregnation of the eggs is usually internal .
Joining it in the exporter category is another city firm, Ultraseal International, a global business providing casting impregnation equipment and impregnation sealant as a solution to the universal problem of porosity in castings, powered metal components, and electronic components.