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having the strength to withstand attack

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The tower becomes both a symbol of impenetrability and penetration, impregnability and impregnation, since Giuliana falls pregnant as a result of her adultery.
Moreover, the impression of solidity and impregnability created by the opening description of the town's fortifications provides, in Jack's words, 'an ironic counterpoint' not only to the poor domestic defences of Symon's household (which conspicuously fail to keep out the lecherous Freir Johine), but also to the many sexually suggestive images of porous thresholds and gateways found in the poem.
An Duong's daughter, My Chau, married to Trong Thiy, Trieu Da's son, unwittingly contributed to An Duong's defeat when she revealed the secret of the citadel's impregnability.
Chelsea are no longer the team that once travelled anywhere with impregnability drilled into its essence, even if substitute Eden Hazard galvanised the Blues.
September 11 shattered American delusions of impregnability, the failure to impose swift, secure and peaceful settlements in Afghanistan and Iraq revealed military and diplomatic weakness, and the financial crisis, spiralling debt and subsequent recession have exposed economic frailties.
It is easy to see why for there is a - misplaced - sense of impregnability about Masada.
Nicolai Ouroussoff, "A Tower of Impregnability, the Sort Politicians Love," New York Times, June 30, 2005.
BRADLEY WIGGINS has an air of impregnability as the Tour de France enters the high mountains of the Alps and this could be the battleground where his chief lieutenant Chris Froome adds the polka-dot jersey to the Sky collection.
The loss of that impregnability during the 2000s set the stage for the 2011 revolution and defeat of Mubarak.
The depositors, foremost of whom was the rich and dotty Hetty Green, earned no interest on their deposits but rather seemed to regard the Chemical's impregnability as an adequate form of compensation.
The first traces the Tower's building and history up to the execution of Sir Walter Raleigh in 1618: his imprisonment there reflects the importance the Tower had gained because of its impregnability.
It promises to penetrate the impregnability of state borders, slowly replacing them with the authority of international law.
In crises such as the Lotho/Sharkey one, however, the Thain can assert his institutional reserve power, as indeed Paladin does in resisting Lotho (fortified by the impregnability of the physical stronghold of the Tooks in the Smials).
Fog, the visual equivalent of ambiguity and mystery, issues from the entrance to the witches' lair; it returns to suggest early morning as it clears to reveal the massiveness and apparent impregnability of Dunsinane.
Promising to "penetrate the impregnability of state borders" and swap it with the "authority of international law," human rights offered what popular uprisings and violent revolt couldn't deliver (p.