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Synonyms for impreciseness

the quality of lacking precision

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In these researches, the fuzzy theory is used for description and analysis of the engineering systems in the presence of vagueness or impreciseness.
The impreciseness in the concept of "ethnic problems" derives from the diversity of meanings given to both words in the expression.
Devoid of the exoticism that still hinders the entrance of many contemporary Andean novels into a greater canon, El viajero de Praga employs its characters (many of whom appear in his subsequent fiction) for subtly interlaced themes of adventure, identity, randomness, and time, all within the impreciseness of history.
Zadeh [18] in 1965 first introduced Fuzzy set as a mathematical way of representing impreciseness or vagueness in everyday life.
CT evidence is essential for each particular patient studied, because reliance only on statistics is subject to the impreciseness of ranges and standards of deviation.
For example: "I'm going to take my things and go to the park" or "Wrap the stuff over there with this towel" illustrate this impreciseness that frequently occurs.
Handling grammatical errors, ambiguity and impreciseness in GIS natural language queries.