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in an imprecise manner

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17) The world factor in military spending is estimated very imprecisely, but there is a notable decrease in the early 1990s, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Similarly, teams that fail to qualify by less than nine points increase their payroll valuation by 8 per cent while teams that are nine to fifteen points away raise their payrolls by only 5 per cent, where this effect is imprecisely estimated.
The focus on inequality is insufficient by itself and the proposed solutions, equal opportunity and social mobility, are imprecisely defined so that they disguise all manner of political difference.
As an example, 73 percent of the orders rejected without telephone clarification (Pa) were imprecisely defined and taken by an inexperienced operator.
While I have argued that nonsatiation is an implausible assumption, one should keep in mind that the satiation level was imprecisely estimated.
What is imprecisely called a "choice" or "decision" counts as a refusal only if it can be paraphrased as, "Leave me alone.
Brain injury is receiving more press and research attention as "the signature wound of the war[s]" in Iraq and Afghanistan (Oakie, 2005), but terms involving brain injury are often used imprecisely or are misunderstood in popular literature.
Those agitating for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, he writes, were a varied group too, including social democrats, Trotskyists, communists, former leading lights in the anti-Soviet movement (such as Lech Walesa and Vaclav Havel), the Scoop Jackson liberals of The New Republic--an assemblage that is often imprecisely herded under the label "neoconservative.
Among the financially less developed countries the coefficient is usually negative, is quite variable, and is imprecisely measured.
Our problem condition of acute lung injury/ARDS is not a single disease but an imprecisely identified process in continual evolution.
Moreover, some cases discussing the enforcement of foreign judgments have reasoned imprecisely and hinted at a potentially more expansive approach.
What do we make of the reference to the 'son of an Egyptian', imprecisely buried by the vicar of Chaddersley Corbett in 1667.
Allow Petrobras to be transparent about its communication with the press by posting all the questions and their corresponding answers, correcting information that was imprecisely or partially presented, and presenting stories as they were originally published, with the company's comments.
Ministry is a churchy word used regularly but imprecisely.
Overall, Ritchie's work is conceptually undisciplined in its treatment of both the Enlightenment and postmodernism, expanding the reach of both too far by defining both terms too imprecisely.