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concerned with theoretical possibilities rather than actual use

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In his speech, Rouhani hinted that he appreciates the impracticality of such schemes.
But current impracticality is more down to infrastructure which, I'm assured, is going to improve dramatically.
When the Bayda family leave their village in the Ukraine in search of a better life homesteading in Canada, they impress upon heartbroken son Andrei the impracticality of bringing his beloved sheepdog, Brovko.
The debate on energy storage seems to have morphed into a discussion about the impracticality of storing electricity in industrial quantities (Letters, PE July).
Like many recent grads, Esther bemoans the impracticality of her education: "I had learned so much -- how to drink imaginary hot coffee, the definition of chlomfluorocarbon -- and yet I was prepared for nothing.
They were also concerned about the problems which could arise by having one head responsible for two sites, insufficient room to meet the demand, and the impracticality of sharing resources over two sites.
He made a convincing casenot only for the policy's cruelty, but for its impracticality, and finally for its betrayal of what Zionism should be.
A major reason for the impracticality of such a sanction is the diversity of demanding countries and purchasers of Iran's crude which are scattered all across the world," Ghanimifard added.
In a fashion world that often goes overboard in trying to come up with "innovative" designs that spiral out of control, into the world of impracticality, the work of Lebanese designers has dazzled the entire world with its simplicity, elegance and taste.
Many older children wanted to eat strawberries for lunch, but did not do so because of their impracticality.
It sounds as if you also wanted this baby despite any impracticality.
But there are other reasons, such as the impracticality of operating these vehicles off-road and in urban areas.
For all that, if the directive does not oblige tax authorities to collaborate between them, the impracticality of calling on this collaboration (through bilateral means) cannot be justified by the state either to refuse a tax advantage to a company from another country established on its territory.
Second, definitive assessment of genetic similarity relationships is challenging because of the limited accuracy and resolving power of conventional methods such as pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) analysis (2) and the impracticality and expense of better performing technologies.
On direct flights, Australian airports will insist flight departure airports deliver duty free purchases to departure gates in sealed bags, a system trialled in Europe last year, but blocked over impracticality and cost concerns.