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Synonyms for impractical

Synonyms for impractical

not capable of happening or being done

incapable of dealing efficiently with practical matters


incapable of being used or availed of to advantage

Synonyms for impractical

not practical


not practical or realizable

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It is also impractical for the product to be sold as an accessory, because it would require retro-fitting of the anchor point to each customer's car.
If portable generation is the best alternative for your facility but purchasing a standby unit is impractical, you might want to arrange a rental agreement with a dependable local vendor.
But for desktop publishers, WORM drives are impractical and expensive.
YOU'VE seen them on the telly, now the gang behind hit series Impractical Jokers are bringing their brand of comedy live to Newcastle.
DPV-B conveyors feature vacuum loading with bottom discharge and fit where low headroom makes other types of conveyors impractical.
Quests And Kingdoms is a practical, accessible education on the subject of the impractical, fanciful mind of the child, and to where such a mind may be when indulged in books of fantasy at an age so susceptible to fantastic beliefs.
Unless it is impractical, the statement requires retrospective application of the changes to prior periods' financial statements.
And while it was determined that a wind turbine to self-generate all the power was impractical in New York City, many of nature's other free features are powering up the building.
Because it takes a day to screen for rabies, and donated organs must be used as soon after the donor's death as possible, it may be impractical to add rabies to the standard screening procedures.
Constitutional rights: The proposed Chretien law to recognize homosexual unions but to exempt their recognition by religious bodies is surreal and impractical.
3] operates in a vacuum environment, and because the space available for the probe is very limited, it was impractical to use a typical, commercial AFM probe that senses the force by measuring the deflection of a cantilever using an optical-beam, lever arm.
Yet it is reasonable to expect that all such formats eventually become obsolete, and it is impractical to enforce their use in any case.
Application: Pulps should only be dried if storage, transport, or use of wet pulps is uneconomical or impractical