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Synonyms for impractical

Synonyms for impractical

not capable of happening or being done

incapable of dealing efficiently with practical matters


incapable of being used or availed of to advantage

Synonyms for impractical

not practical


not practical or realizable

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truTV, Impractical Jokers, and the truTV and Impractical Jokers logos are trademarks of truTV.
Nonessential domestic travel to affected areas should be deferred if large areas of a country remain unaffected, but enforcing domestic travel restrictions is considered impractical in most cases.
All jockeys are very willing to make concessions, but the Jockey Club rulings are just impractical for the unrelenting schedule the majority
The point I am making is that your idea is totally inflexible and impractical for manufacturers to even consider incorporating.
It is impractical for the multitude of contractors whose expertise supports the space shuttle program to maintain a constant physical presence at the Space Center.
The sensory thresholds are so low, the researchers observed, that protecting indoor air quality would require ventilation rates that are impractical and economically ruinous.
and is ideal for inspecting or reverse engineering components that are impractical or impossible to move to a stationary CMM.
Ultimately many of Panton's designs, while inspired, are impractical to live with.
Fusion is commercializing FloSeal and Proceed for controlling bleeding in a variety of settings in which conventional means of achieving hemostasis--such as sutures, staples, topical hemostats, or fibrin glues-are impractical or generally do not work effectively.
Still, most power systems are quite elaborate and complex, and it would be impractical to expect someone in your position to commit a system design to memory (not to mention dangerous).
Second, economic conversion is impractical for many large defense firms.
But for desktop publishers, WORM drives are impractical and expensive.
The method of choice to achieve such quantification is known as digital PCR, which has been too impractical for routine use until now.
DPV-B conveyors feature vacuum loading with bottom discharge and fit where low headroom makes other types of conveyors impractical.
Quests And Kingdoms is a practical, accessible education on the subject of the impractical, fanciful mind of the child, and to where such a mind may be when indulged in books of fantasy at an age so susceptible to fantastic beliefs.